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help please - medication advice, anxiety and/or depression

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inabitofamess Thu 09-May-13 12:09:31

A very close friend (my only close friend really) may have terminal cancer. She is undergoing tests. She has not told anyone but me (so I have no one that I can talk to about it). Obviously I want to be available to support her, and am doing that, but I am also struggling to cope myself. I think that once the results are back (2 - 4 weeks now) things may be easier but at the moment I was struggling to get through each day. I feel sick every time I think about the fact that she may die soon, I am not sure how I will cope with out her and I am finding it hard not to think about this as the results date draws closer. (And of course sometimes she wants to talk about it. We live together so it is never far from my mind.) I also cannot sleep and am shattered.
I've got an appointment with the GP tomorrow in the hope that she can give me something to get through the next few weeks but am unsure what to ask for. I don't know if the problem is anxiety or depression or both. I don't know if there is anything that works reasonably quickly. I have heard of beta blockers but am not sure if they are what I want. I was thinking of asking for them and for sleeping tablets. Any suggestions or advice much appreciated. (I know that I should just talk to the GP but there is only so much that you can talk through in a 10 minute slot.)

SnowyMouse Thu 09-May-13 13:36:08

Maybe take a list if that will help? Hopefully they will suggest the way forwards as far as counselling/medication goes, but I'm sure they'll ask what you prefer too.

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