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contamination update.

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alwaysworriedtoo Tue 07-May-13 17:04:21

I wrote a few weeks back about the possibility of asbestos in our garden. today the environmental people came around to take a look and found three pieces just on the soil. so I was right, it really was that stuff. They have advised that instead of growing the crops in the soils as it is, we make raised beds, put down a membrane and get fresh soil to fill them up. Or instead we could pay for the removal of the soil to a certain depth(whatever they advice)and then replace with new. Not so much for the crops but so that when we are working with the soil there is less chance of bits going up and being inhaled. I think the raised bed idea is best, but, I know hubby is going to be narked because he has just spent ages on planting stuff out and made it look nice. Also it will cost a lot of money. and we haven't really got a lot of money!! It was a bit disheartening as I was hoping that it wasn't that bad but because of finding it just on the top of the soil it makes it more likely that there is more and if it gets broken whilst being dug and it's dry the fibres might come out.
The man was slightly reassuring about the possibility of us breathing it in, he didn't say it wouldn't or can't have happened but said that it doesn't always cause problems or something like that. And that it's true we don't always know what is in our soil.
If D.D has breathed any of this in in the past I have thought it through in my head about what can happen if the worse comes to the worse. It makes me sad but not the overwhelming panic attacks that I was having. Self help C.B.T! I have gone through all sorts of scenarios and solutions and having some sorts of plans definitely helps.
The same with hubby, although his insistence that everything is o.k, (and he is always right usually!) fields a little of my anxieties thinking of solutions helps.
Now though I need to convince him that we need raised beds. I know he will be scornful of the idea and refuse to do it or have anything to do with it possibly but now I know a solution I think I could (maybe with a bit of parental help) do it myself(ish). At least if I do it I know there will be no more possibility of this contamination occurring again. Also it will be better for his back, I can use that as another plus point. Another good thing is that I should be able to go down to the bottom of the garden without getting anxious again.
Just realised how much I have written but it helps me to get it off my chest and get my thoughts clear.
Thanks if you've read this far!

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