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Think my xp is depressed?

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The3Bears Tue 13-Nov-12 23:14:16

Long post sorry:
it started about 3 weeks ago when dp found out he was being made redundant at the job he's been at for 6 years (we've just had ds2 who is 12 weeks old now), he finished the day after and straight away was looking and applying for jobs.
Everything was fine the week after he was doing the same thing had 2 interviews planned and then on Friday night he was going to his old workmates house for a few drinks to say farewell. He didnt answer the phone to me at 2am and came home at 4.30am, the day after I was understandably upset so went a bit mad and accused him of stuff as found out there was a female there aswell. The whole of last week he was so distant and hardly talked to me and said he needed space, then Friday night he left sad
He's been saying his head isnt right and he needs space etc but then he's flipped out and claimed it's over as I wouldnt wait for a decision!
He said he's fed up of not being able to go out without me not trusting him (he cheated in v early days of relationship so I find it hard to trust him) and he wants to be able to go out whenever he likes, he says he loves me but has no emotions or feelings for me atm. Then he said he's not been happy in a while, but he could have fooled me after ds2 was born he said he'd never been happier!
He has not cried once not even when our 6 yr old ds was begging him to come back home, it's as if he's a different person. He just looks dead behind the eyes he says he doesnt care im upset and tonight he came to see the children for an hour after not seeing them since sat morning for a hr, he hardly sat with them or talked to them.
My friends think he's had some sort of meltdown and after seeing his single friends having fun doing what they liked on the friday its tipped him over the edge as he has all these responsblities.
Im not so sure but just wanted anyones opinion tbh. No on can believe he's done this we have been together for 8 years and bicker sometimes but otherwise were perfect, he was a doting dad and now it's as if he doesnt care I mean the week before he left he was talking about using his redundancy money for us to get wed next year! how can he change so much?

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