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twolittlekings Wed 17-Oct-12 18:02:06

I am normally a lurker and an occasional poster but I was wondering if I could join you here for probably the forseeable future?

I have had a year from hell and a slowly downward spiral into the world of health anxiety - any anxiety and am now about to embark on a course of escitslopram with the occasional Valium thrown in for good luck.

I tried sertraline and I can only describe it as taking me back to my rave days about 25 years ago and I hated the feeling then! I only took one tablet and it had a remarkably negative effect!

Anyway my escitslopram dose is 5 mg to start and working up to 10. Had anyone else ha this?

Thanks x

mrsfuzzy Thu 18-Oct-12 13:00:51

i take citropram 4omg as apart of my bi polar meds and always found it agreeable with no probs, i started out on 10mgs and it was ramped up but apart from feeling a bit spacec out for the first few weeks [normal with anti deps] it settled down and it's good, hope it works out for you, oh, and i know what you mean about setraline, it can send some people abit loopy!

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