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Can I have some suggestions for books on anxiety/depression please

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tutu100 Sun 09-Sep-12 00:54:38

I suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks and the effect this has on my life causes depression. I have tried many techniques over the years and some work for a short while and others do nothing. I currently have a treatment plan in place, but I want to do other things to help supplement it.

I am pretty interested in other alternative treatments, so am looking into aromatherapy etc. My support worker talks alot about how she feels positive thinking and being a positive person will help me.

Can anyone suggest any books I could read to help try to calm, relax, inspire or help me with positive thinking please.

There is so much out there I don't know where to begin and would really appreciate some personal reccomendations.

FreelanceMama Sun 09-Sep-12 03:46:47

Try 'Mind Over Mood' which is a workbook to help you do Thought Records - a CBT technique which helps you A) calm down and B) see situations/experiences from other perspectives. I think that's the key to being able to look at something positively.

Positive thinking needs to be believed to help, in my opinion, i.e. it's hard to see an alternative positive view when you believe things are bad and when you are upset. this technique helps you to challenge negative beliefs. The book is v easy-going and you can do it yourself or working with a counsellor. I got mine on Amazon.

Dorothy Rowe is a great writer on depression, anxiety, etc. I've got her 'Guide to Life'. Not so much on 'How To...' but it might help you understand and feel understood.

McPhee Sun 09-Sep-12 04:39:20

My mum used a book called 'feeling the fear but doing it any way'. She swore by that book.

tutu100 Sun 09-Sep-12 10:15:40

Thank you both. I'm off to look at those suggestions now. Thank god for amazon - I can get them delivered to my house therefore removing the anxiety of having to get someone to drag me to town to a book store.

FreelanceMama I think I do need to understand why I feel how I do and I think if I could see it as not wrong (and that I'm not about to die) it might not be so scary, but I also need to have belief in things - at the moment I am so scared of having a panic attack if there is the slightest chance of me feeling panicky I'm avoiding it as although I know the feelings won't last forever I don't completely believe it.

McPhee the title of that book should be my mantra I think! That is exactly what my CPN and support worker are trying to get me to do. Understand that I'm not going to feel good, but the feelings are only going to go away by doing the things that cause the fear.

ChiefPotterer Sun 09-Sep-12 21:08:57

Claire Weekes Self Help For Your Nerves-it is quite an old book but available on Amazon-it is excellent for explaining why you feel like you do and how to eradicate the symptoms of both anxiety and depression.

shaky Sun 09-Sep-12 21:39:17

I found "cognitive behavioural therapy for dummies" really useful, I have just recommended it to someone on another thread. Have a look, see if it helps. It really changed my outlook to life.

Good luck

teatotal Fri 28-Sep-12 22:23:07

Get Well Soon - United Authors, depression may be caused by indoor air pollution, makes sense?

kerstina Fri 28-Sep-12 22:29:06

Another vote for Clare Weeks Self help for your nerves. Helped my dad and myself in the past.

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