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Pregnant and feeling very low

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pullinghairout Tue 09-Aug-11 14:04:53

Dont know what im really asking here but the last few weeks I havent been able to stop crying, at first I thought it was hormones but I basically have no interest in doing anything, and I have so little patience for my DS (nearly 3). He has development delay and am really losing my rag with him, we are trying to potty train and just dont have the energy/willpower!

I'm now roughly 28 weeks pregnant and I havent put any weight on in the last few weeks, and my son is so demanding and heavy and he constantly jumps on me and its worrying me.

I havent really brought anything new for this baby as I feel so crap, thing is this baby was so wanted and we struggled to concieve, I dont know who to talk to and/or what they could do.

I'm really scared I wont cope with another one to look after. I had PND with my DS and had to go on antidepressants. His birth was immediatly followed by him having health problems and when I got pregnant they wanted to to loads of genetic tests to see if this baby would have any problems so had a bumpy start to this pregnancy.

downpipe Tue 09-Aug-11 14:27:54

Sorry to hear you are feeling so low.Pregnancy is tiring enough as it is without the extra worries brought on by your 3 year old.Some of your symptoms (constant tearfulness, lacking in motivation) are warning signs of depression so I would get to your GP and discuss it ASAP.The health visitor in your practice will be able to give you extra support before and after the birth of your baby particularly with your history of PND.
If you are actually depressed the GP can prescribe certain antidepressants (some are ok to use in pregnancy "if the benefit outweighs the risk").Even if they don't prescribe they can arrange to see you regularly for support, let the HV know and /or organise counselling so please go.

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