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Is there a name for this 'not keeping in touch thing'?

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bubaluchy Mon 11-Jul-11 14:24:31

I don't contact people who 'used to be in my life'

e.g My ex step mother (but she did exit my life with a lot of drama.

2. my old school friends, I had a very close circle of girl friends at school we did everything together, all facebook friends but I never attend get togethers Im invited to, not out of any hard feelings just doesn't feel relevant?

3.all ex boyfriends even though they're nice guys and amicable break ups I just cut off.

4. This is the big one for me I nannied for a lovely generous and kind family over seas for 3 years (they offered to pay for me to go through uni so they could keep me for 4 more years!), I just can't bring my self to contact them even though I had sole charge of the 3 children, I adored the whole family and the job ended very amicably (my visa ran out)

5. All family friends

I've always just thought I was a, 'take it as it comes kind of person', when people are there -great, when they're not also great.

But I feel a little abnormal as most people I know stay in touch with people they used to work with/ meet up e.t.c I just don't seem to feel compelled to do this, I know that I have good relataionships with others I just live more in the moment, why is this?

Anyone out there the same?
Thanks for reading smile

CombineArvester Mon 11-Jul-11 14:30:01

I'm (almost) the same. I tend to be very bad at keeping in touch and it mostly doesn't bother me. Lots of people don't keep in touch with people they used to work with / be at uni with, and if they do it will often be in some superficial (facebook?) way.

Ex-boyfriends I certainly wouldn't keep in touch with. The nanny thing - the way you said you couldn't bear to keep in touch with them was interesting. Is it because you miss them too much? Sometimes we don't keep in touch with people because it would bring up too strong feelings, but if its because you don't have much in common any more that's different imo.

It is nice to have one or two friends who know you from way back though, and if people invite you to stuff you could just go and see what it's like. What stops you from doing that?

dontrunwithscissors Mon 11-Jul-11 14:51:59

I think this is just about different personalities. I like keeping in touch with old friends; my DH couldn't care less. He doesn't feel a need for any attachment (IYSWIM) other than his immediate family. I'm far more sociable than him and generally need to be around people to feel happy. He's a bit more of a loner.

dontrunwithscissors Mon 11-Jul-11 14:53:00

PS Hope that didn't come across as judgemental of people like DH. We're just different when it comes to such things.

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