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WWYD Child abuse.

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dottyspotty Sun 03-Jul-11 17:48:50

A bit of background my so-called brother abused me from 4-12 possibly younger full sexual intercourse, hospitalised at 12 had a d&c due to hemorrhaging and tear.

Fast forward nearly 30 years have today found out his sons wife is pregnant don't have contact with either I am extremely worried about a child potentially at risk.

oldqueenie Sun 03-Jul-11 23:11:42

phone the nspcc line for reporting concerns about children 0800 800 500 or you can do it online....

catonlap Sun 03-Jul-11 23:23:12

Is he on sex offenders register? Was he monitored with his own children?

I would ask the NSPCC advice as mentioned before.

NanaNina Sun 03-Jul-11 23:35:07

Dottyspotty - was your brother's sexual abuse of you ever reported to the police. Were your parents aware of what was happening. If it was not reported to the police you can still do so, even if it is 30 years on. You can also advise them of your concerns about his grandchildren. I think you have every right to be concerned about the potential risk to any children with whom he comes into contact.

Sorry without knowing more, it's difficult to advise you.

dottyspotty Mon 04-Jul-11 08:22:56

Nothing was ever reported I didn't know it was wrong or abuse until I was 17 and in my first adult relationship.When my dad found out he said it was a conspiracy against him by me and my sisters despite me worshiping him as a child which looking back I don't understand. My other brother didn't believe me after his wife told him, I told her because of concern for my nieces welfare and went ape-shit about me being all the liars under the sun to my older cousins who put him straight, and then confronted me over not telling them when we used to stay with them as children

His youngest son died at 13 from Neurofibromatosis and I'm ashamed to say I turned around and said that was his punishment, his oldest had a shit childhood no freedom or anything when our dad died he was 18 and was being spoken to like a servant by his father.I'm also ashamed to say I can't bear to be in the same room as his son and he is a lovely young man who's done nothing wrong.

I will be looking into getting my medical records as it was mentioned to my parents that the cervical tear I had was usually only caused by infection or sexual activity he told my sisters at the time. He denied the conversation taking place when my sisters confronted him about it years ago.

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