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FEAR ...! I can turn this around , I me or join in if you can

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woeisme48 Mon 13-Jun-11 20:48:52

I am having a bad week, the sort of week I didn't think would be likely to happen again. I am anxious about work, anxious about my child who is seriously unwell and anxious about a trip one of my other children is going on in a few days. And if you saw my other thread, anxious from some memories from the past... even anxious about being anxious..
It's all becoming one ..and I am determined to fight it.
Courage is dealing with stuff you are afraid of, right ?
So I am going to Pollyanna the whole thing and be the best worker, the most confident mum and hope to inspire myself by being the best I can be...
Action is the enemy of fear...wish me luck or join in if you are in a similar place..

cjel Mon 13-Jun-11 22:34:46

Give yourself a break you don't have to fight - just let go and anxiety will reduce.anxiety about the past is unhelpful ,the past has happened and can't hurt you any more. You are very brave and courageous but don't beat yourself up be kind to yourself, love yourself and get help for your anxiety. you don't have to suffer this any more.xxxx

madmouse Mon 13-Jun-11 22:50:43

Hi again woeisme smile

I know what you mean (now there is a surprise) - what helps me is my philosophy that when I'm stressed I have a serious amount of anxiety neurons buzzing around my brain (now I didn't say this would be scientific did I?) and they will latch on to whatever is floating around at the time. Right now emm the fact that another child was sick over my ds at nursery so what if he get s a bug, a mystery blister on his foot and what if it gets infected, and our much looked forward to camping trip with friends and what if the weather is awful. All earth shocking things, not! As long as I remind myself that I'm anxious because I'm anxious and not because whatever I worry about is really bad I'm ok.

cjel Tue 14-Jun-11 07:41:01

Just read action is the enemy of fear. Not sure about that. Distraction can be good for 'in the moment' but don't try and run from what you feel - it will jump out and frighten you when you think you've been so busy it can't have space. Be kind gentle and caring to yourself, treat yourself as if you were your best freind!!!xx

NanaNina Tue 14-Jun-11 13:47:41

Sorry you are feeling so bad woeisme, but I can only really endorse what other posters are saying. Anxiety is the medical name for fear, as I'm sure you know, fear of the past, the present and the future, and of course as you say fear of fear. I think you need to be a bit more balanced about your anxiety, and not set yourself up to be Pollyanna, but to take things as easily as you can and be a bit kinder to yourself. Does the deep breathing work for you, hands on "top belly" - breath in and feel your belly go in, and a longer breathe out, feeling your belly softly rise on the exhalation. The trick is to try to just concentrate on the breathing, but of course thoughts wil come crowding in - no matter - just try again. Best to be lying in a quiet place but you can do it in a chair.

I'm not sure about action being the enemy of fear either......sometimes when we are afraid we need to find a safe place (mine is under my fluffy blanket on my bed) and then come out when we feel a bit calmer.

Do hope you can feel better soon.

woeisme48 Wed 15-Jun-11 00:41:11

Hello all thanks for your kind replies.
I do know what you mean...I maybe didn't express myself very well.
When I feel deep anxiety such as the PTSD I had before, taking it easy and looking after myself is exactly right.
What I meant by action being the enemy of fear was that if I am anxious about a difficult stretch at work for eg then facing the fear and working through it helps me rather than avoiding it.

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