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For those with a lot of weight to lose fast800 or 5.2?

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Lndnmummy Sat 16-Jan-21 19:04:37

Hi, long time posters might remember me from the fast800. Hello @Phoenixmama and @theaveragebear. I did really well in 2019 on it but unfortunately a tough year has seen me put a lot of weight back on. I now have 4st to lose. I’m wondering how best to do this this time? 5:2 to develop a more sustainable way of life or fast800 for the initial motivation of rapid progress. I’d love to hear what people who have lost/try to lose 3st and over thinks?

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whensmynexthol1day Sun 17-Jan-21 09:16:11

I'd go for fast800 to lose most/ all the weight and then use 5:2 for maintenance.
I lost 15kg last year between March and august on fast 800 and maintained with a 'be good in the week (c'1200kcal) and relax at the weekend which worked well. I'm now back on fast800 to lose the Christmas weight plus another 5kg that I want to lose as despite being a healthy weight my tummy is still too big!
I find rapid weight loss of fast800 so much more motivating although second time round im eating more like 1000-1100 calories and still losing weight well. I'm running though as well so that might be a factor
Good luck!

LaLoose Sun 17-Jan-21 10:42:19

Neither. Eat well and control your portions. You need a way to live, not a ‘diet’

PhoenixMama Sun 17-Jan-21 12:45:01

Welcome back @Lndnmummy!

I agree with @whensmynexthol1day - I'd go for Fast800 to shift the majority and then go to 5:2 or I'd get discouraged that it's taking so long!

Do join us over on the other thread too!

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