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I'm much fitter and stronger than I was a year ago, but why do I keep pulling muscles and getting a sore back??

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geraldinetheluckygoat Mon 12-Oct-09 10:29:00

I got a bike last May. Before that I never did anything more energetic than walking quickly, though I would walk DS to school and back which was 25 mins each way, so wasn't totally innactive.
So I got the bike with a trialer and started doing that twice a day, which got me much fitter quite quickly, also started going on long bike rides myself. Then I started swimming and got to the point where I could do 60-70 lengths breaststroke in one go, without feeling like I was going to die! Built up to that gradulally. We also just got a wii fit about two months ago, and I have been doing all the aerobic and muscle building excercises.

So I feel much stronger, I have less flabby bits and I know I have much more muscle than I used to. My problem is first I hurt my lower back swimming, so I stopped going. It seems to have got mostly better but is still a bit twingey. Also I just randomly keep pulling muscles, I pulled my calf muscle running accross the road this morning on the school run, and I also often pull a muscle behind my shoulder blade when Im reaching for things in high cupboards! So annoying! Also I tried the yoga excercises on wii last night and pulled a muscle in my inner thigh and one in my stomach!! Im not talking cripplingly pulled muscles, just that they felt like they pulled and were quite twingey afterwards.

So my question is, why does this happen all the time, am I not warming up enough before exercise? I really thought as I got stronger I should get less issues with pulled muscles? Maybe Im not as fit as I thought??

Please someone advise me? grin

Ivykaty44 Mon 12-Oct-09 14:27:34

I would doubt it is not warming up properly - few of us would warm up to get a jar or packet from a high cuboard smile It may well be coincedence. Or that you feel fitter and dont take such care with your movments? sub con that well i am fit so leap at the cuboard - I dont know?

Even if your muscels are really toned and athletic , athlets still pull muscels when training.

Yoga has not ever got me pulling a muscle and I wonder if you are perhpas notquite in the right position? Could you either get to a class with a trained instructor or get someone to watch what you are actually doing in the yoga?

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