Why can’t I run faster than 7m/k after 6 months of running?

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ImbarbaraB Sun 13-Jun-21 08:30:28

I started running in January doing c25k and since then have run 5k 3-4 times a week

6 months later and my pace has come down from starting at over 8m/k to an average of just under 7/k

My best splits are 6.5m/k but I manage maybe 2km out of the 5 at that pace

I see people doing 10k and averaging 6.3m/k and I want to get there

How do I do it?
Why can’t I do it?

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purplesequins Sun 13-Jun-21 08:36:02

6 months running is still quite fresh.
it took me a year to get below 6m/k.

mix up your runs a bit.
you could do one shortish run with intervals, one 5k and one longer run (45min to start with).
I also know people who started c25k again but with running the whole time and picking up the pace in the running section.

you could also just enjoy running and not care about the time as much.

Brightermornings Sun 13-Jun-21 08:38:28

I've been running with a personal trainer. She gets me to sprint for short bursts once I've warmed up properly

TheSmallAssassin Sun 13-Jun-21 08:41:34

If you want to run faster, you'll need to do some speed training - intervals (alternating sprinting with slow jog to recover) for part of your run, or tempo runs.

Runners World, or other running sites will give you some tips

Spanglemum Sun 13-Jun-21 11:55:20

@TheSmallAssassin really good link thanks.

timeisnotaline Sun 13-Jun-21 11:57:37

You’ll need interval training / fartlecs / efforts, call it what you want. Measure a 1km stretch and push yourself for it. 2 mins recovery, try again. Repeat. (& cut the recovery when you can)
Shorter higher efforts- max 30 second sprints or pick a 100m distance. Your body will remember how to go faster once you start making it go faster.

OnlyToWin Sun 13-Jun-21 11:57:37

Was coming on to say intervals too. Hill training also good for improving speed. Your body gets used to a certain pace after a while and you plateau. You have to mix up your training with sprints etc. Good luck.


PacifyLulu Sun 13-Jun-21 12:16:23

I think that’s a pretty great achievement. I run a reasonable amount and think you should be pretty pleased with what you have done - further improvement will come but it takes time.

AuntieStella Sun 13-Jun-21 12:23:51

I agree with other posters

I work in minutes per mile and make it a bit over 11. Not shabby at all!

If you want to run faster, you need to practice running faster or running harder. For the first, so intervals - either set a timer and do 2 mins fast, then 1 min jog and repeat 4-8 times (read training plans for other suggestions of what intervals to choose) or fartlek ('speed play') where you just choose when you run faster - maybe between lampposts, or to some other landmark - and have thus sort of mix all through the middle section of your run.

Harder, rather than faster, means hills. Run up then without slowing down. The extra effort to keep you pace when you are ascending has a similar effect, and can be really good for toning your legs and bum too.

sittingonacornflake Sun 13-Jun-21 13:55:05

I've been doing Joe Wicks on the body coach app for just over 6 months and as a result my running speed has massively improved. So on that basis I would suggest adding in some HIIT workouts as the more muscle you can build in your legs from squats, lunges etc the more power you will have when you run and the faster you will be.

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