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Need new exercise challenge!

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Chocwocdoodah Wed 08-Nov-17 23:44:35

Have done 30 Day Shred a few times and loved it but really bored of it now and not a fan of doing the same workouts over and over...

At the moment, I’m doing workouts here and there by just choosing random HIIT routines from Google. But there’s no structure to what I’m doing so I’m not sticking at it.

Definitely not a running fan but something like C25K would be great.

I love doing short HIIT workouts and like to always use weights. Is there anything like C25K but HIIT based - an app/structured challenge?? Or a DVD but it would have to be very varied as I get bored so quickly!!!

rwalker Wed 08-Nov-17 23:53:43

go on fitness blender you put in time ,what equipment and what area you want to work and it gives you hundreds of work outs . got interval timer app on iPhone will do any interval you set it to 20sec 10 sec 30/60/90 time . Or try pyramid workout 1 exercise 20 sec then 20 sec rest 2 exercise 20 sec each 20 sec rest build upto 5 exercise 20 sec each then 20 sec rest then start decreasing exercise 4 times 20 then 20 sec rest back down to 1 exercise

Chocwocdoodah Thu 09-Nov-17 10:22:12

Thanks. Is there a website for the pyramid challenge or do you just kind of make it up yourself?

rwalker Sat 11-Nov-17 08:26:39

make pyramid up yourself i do
burpee rest
burpee, squats,rest
burpee,squats,pressup,star jumps,rest
burpee,squats,pressup,starjumps,tricep press,rest
tricep press,star jumps,press-up ,squats,rest
tricep press,star jumps,press up ,rest
tricep press,star jumps rest
tricep press,rest

Chocwocdoodah Tue 14-Nov-17 13:01:15

Thanks - how often do you do this?

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