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Abs exercise tracker?

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Liiinoo Sat 24-Jun-17 00:58:14

About six months ago I acquired a second hand Fitbit and I love it. I have gone from about 4000 steps a day to regularly completing 90,000 steps a week and I barely notice them. Having the daily target really motivates me and I feel so much better for it. I have more energy and my legs, arms and even my stomach are noticeably more toned

Now I would like to build on this progress and I would love some sort of tracker that enabled me to record other small daily workouts - and buzz me a reminder if I fall behind. Things like the number of 30second planks done daily or sets of 20 push ups or even arm exercises. Things I can fit in little and often like I do my steps. If I had some sort of tracking system to record what I do it would help motivate me to fit these things in.

RaspberryBeretHoopla Sat 24-Jun-17 20:42:00

Quit overachieving.

No, surely someone can help? I am sure there must be such a thing but god help me, I'll never use it.

randomsabreuse Mon 26-Jun-17 21:24:39

There's quite a few 30 day challenge apps which can have reminders - but they tend to be increasing rather than static if that makes sense. 30 Day Squats (free on android) has 6 levels (as does 30 Day Abs but I'm yet to get beyond day 7 of abs!)

Liiinoo Wed 28-Jun-17 00:27:45

Thank you for your responses. Just in case anyone else is as anal as me and would like to track some small goals (with the enticing possibility of graphs showing your progress) I found an app called Daily Habits. You can enter your own daily/weekly/monthly goals. So far I have take my vitamins and work my abs daily, change the sheets weekly and scrub the loos monthly. I am sure I will think of others!

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