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MP3 for use while swimming

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Reiltin Wed 01-Mar-17 16:44:38

I want to buy something to use for listening to music while I swim. Does anyone have one they can recommend? I'm leaning slightly towards a waterproofed iPod shuffle, as I'm pretty Apple'd. But I'd prefer something really good. Thanks 😊

AlisonBlunderland Wed 01-Mar-17 16:55:18

I've got the Sony Waterproof walkman. Everything is in the headphones themselves. You just upload what you want onto it.
The sound quality is ok for music, I doubt is would be good enought for spoken word.
I tend to find that I can knock the earphones out when I do front crawl fo I wear a headbach over mine to keep secure.
I'm pretty happy with mine and they certainly help with the utter boredom of swimming!

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