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Can do 5k - what next?

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BonnieBlueButler Sun 08-Jan-17 16:56:39

I started running last April and it has been an absolute revelation to me. I love it! I'm fitter and have lost weight. I started with the couch to 5k and now run 5k a couple of times of week. This time last year, it felt impossible that I could ever make it this far.

I've done a few official 5k runs but my husband is encouraging me to enter a 10k with him. I'd like to do it but not sure how to get that far. Is there any recommended apps? Or is it a case of just going a bit further each time? Any advice on moving myself further would be great!

Thank you.

CRbear Sun 08-Jan-17 16:59:06

There are podcasts for bridging 5 to 10k and I think zen labs do an app that builds on their c25k and takes you 5k to 10k. I'm nearly done with c25k and hope to do the same. Although years ago I just started increasing my distance by 1km every 2 weeks and managed a 10km from that.

BonnieBlueButler Sun 08-Jan-17 21:56:03

Thanks for replying. I've downloaded the Zen Labs 10K app. It's just what I was looking for. Can't wait to get started!

CRbear Sun 08-Jan-17 22:20:04

Great! I'll be a few weeks behind you smile good luck!

EmpressOfTheSpartacusOceans Sun 08-Jan-17 22:24:54

There's a bunch of us on this thread who have graduated from C25K and are working on 10K, you're welcome to join us if you like!

MotherFuckingChainsaw Sun 08-Jan-17 22:34:44

In all honesty, you have totally done the hardest bit.

I did a half marathon last year, and 5k to 13 miles is way easier than 0-5k. I didn't believe it when a couple of running mates said this, but I can say it's totally true.

The running world is your oyster. As long as you don't get too over enthusiastic and injure yourself then you should piss 10k.

BonnieBlueButler Sun 08-Jan-17 22:53:42

Thanks all. Will definitely have a look at the thread. Well done on the half marathon Mother. What an achievement! And thanks for your really encouraging words.

I never thought I'd stick with it during the winter months but so far I have. It's such a great form of therapy! I'm actually really excited to have a new challenge now.

StiffenedPleat Mon 09-Jan-17 17:25:34

Well done. How long did it take you to crack the 5K? How fast do you run 5K now? Etc. Please tell us all about your 5K journey.

BonnieBlueButler Mon 09-Jan-17 18:30:36

Hi Stiffened,

I started properly in April last year and followed the NHS couch to 5k. I found it just right - encouraging but not patronising. It took me about 10-11 weeks to run 5k and I only went off programme on the last couple of weeks when I felt I could do it without. I now do it fairly easily a couple of times a week - most of my struggles with running 5k are now definitely mental rather than physical! My best time is 33 minutes. I've never been too concerned about times, but I have got faster! I run around our local park; one lap right around is exactly 1k which makes tracking it really easy. The thought of running around the park 10 times is very daunting though!

StiffenedPleat Wed 11-Jan-17 13:36:32

BonnieBlue Aw, brilliant. Thirty three minutes is highly decent. Thanks so much for sharing. Best of luck at getting to 10K. And yes, yes, that running struggles are mental rather than physical.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Wed 11-Jan-17 13:45:47

You are a similar stage to me OP, I think. I started 0-5k when you did as a total novice and can't believe I've fallen in love with running. I'm a bit obsessed by it, - and what a revelation that has been!

I have done 48 Park runs, fastest time is 33.04. I don't do them much now as I have a friend who introduced me to a lovely running club so I tend to run with this small group now.

I've signed up for a 10k in February. Bit daunted as although I've covered 10k in about 1hr15m, I haven't done it without a short stop here and there!

My aim is to do a couple of official 10k runs in around 1hr5 - 1hr10. But in addition a friend I've made from the running club wants to train for a half marathon from February onwards, so that's my next goal.

BonnieBlueButler Wed 11-Jan-17 21:56:13

They sound like excellent goals Through! I'm also daunted by 10K. How many times have you completed it? I've never run further than about 6k and just feel done at that point.

My friend has suggested a 10K in Swansea (I think it's Swansea) in September which I think is more realistic than the Birmingham run in April that my husband wants me to sign up to. I just can't get out and train as much as I'd like in the dark nights.

BonnieBlueButler Sun 19-Mar-17 18:08:37

Just wanted to update to say: today I ran 10K!! I'm so proud of myself.

My time wasn't good (1 hour 11 mins) and I can now hardly walk, but I don't care! 10K has felt like such a huge goal and today I made it smile.

mumsnitter Sun 19-Mar-17 20:50:52

Well done that's brilliant! Running is great!smile

Whyhellodaffodil Sun 19-Mar-17 22:54:29

That's ace well done! So are you going to do Birmingham now? grin I'm also building up to 10k (race in 2 weeks, gulp) have got as far as 8k so am getting there, thanks for the inspiration!

BonnieBlueButler Mon 20-Mar-17 16:31:27

Thanks so much both.

I really think I might do it! I'm very nervous though. Good luck to you for your 10K. I did 8K last Sunday and just felt I had a tiny bit more in me. I'm sure you do too!

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