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Does anyone use Bounts? Ever been able to claim a reward voucher?

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IToldYouIWasFreaky Thu 29-Sep-16 17:14:56

I signed up to Bounts earlier in the year. It's an app that tracks how much exercise you do (mine is linked to my FitBit and also recognises when I go to the gym). You accrue points and are supposed to be able to exchange them for vouchers. I thought it sounded brilliant as I would essentially be being rewarded for exercise I was going to do anyway!

However, the reward vouchers never seem to be in stock in the their shop. Any of them. They are supposed to stock Amazon, Sainsburys, Starbucks etc, all kinds of stuff that I would love to be able to buy...but they are just never there.

I emailed them and they assured me that they restock daily and I need to keep checking back. hmm

You can be a free member, which I am, or pay £9.99 a year for Premium membership and I wondering if they are keeping back all the vouchers for Premium members.

Does anyone else use them and have you had better luck getting hold of a voucher than I have?

nbee84 Sat 01-Oct-16 22:08:23

I managed to exchange my points for an Amazon voucher no problem - though it was lat October and I've stopped wearing my fitbit since then.

nbee84 Sat 01-Oct-16 22:09:16


blowmybarnacles Thu 03-Nov-16 21:38:45

I just searched to see if anybody had been suckered into this too. angry

I'm premium plus, was promised I'd earn more in rewards than the membership cost but I've never been able to get anything. I've got about 8000 points.

I've seen today we now have to swap points to join challenges, which we may or may not get a prize for. A bit like entering a prize draw. Pretty pissed about this, If I'd swapped points early on I'd have been able to get something but I decided to save to get amazon points for a new running watch. Thee have been a number of messages from the founder (some quite aggressive) saying that it was never intended to be a nectar style points app, but that is exactly how how was sold to me, exercise, earn points, swap for cash vouchers!!!

I'd like my money back, as now everybody gets the same points, premium or not, so what have I paid for?

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