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Some anatomical/physiological questions for people whop know about running.

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cheapandcheerful Mon 26-Sep-16 22:07:25

I have been running for about 18 months and seem to have hit a brick wall. There are some things holding me back and I think if I can understand/solve the following (probably age-old) problems then I might just shave enough off my time to get that elusive pb!

So here it goes. Any thoughts welcome! smile

1. When I am running a long uphill, why do I get pins and needles from the waist down? I think it's something to do with either a lack of oxygen to the muscles or a build-up of lactose acid or something rusty memory from science lessons back in the day ...How do I prevent this?

2. When I get to the top of said hill, why does it feel like my kidneys are about to fall out?

3. Why do I only ever get a stitch when I'm running downhill? Is it something to do with my posture?

4. Why do I sometimes NEED to spit, and other times I can manage not to, and other times I don't feel the need to at all? It was particularly bad in the spring...was this because of hayfever?

These are the things I ponder as I run up and down my hills so I thought I'd draw upon the collective wisdom of mumsnet to help me solve them!

Shiningexample Tue 27-Sep-16 16:28:08

pins and needles sounds like something pressing on a nerve...maybe the sciatic nerve?

spitting I presume is to do with mucous production?
I get this a lot when I run, but with me it's a runny nose and I get it more in cold weather

I've not suffered with stitch since I was a child and my kidneys never speak to me so cant help with those two!

BareFacedKitty Sun 09-Oct-16 23:47:42

3. In my experience I tend to get stitches when I'm running faster than my comfy pace - since you're going downhill you'll be going faster. This stopped as my fitness increased, so try going just a tad slower on the downhills and see if it stops.

No idea about the others!

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