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Jeff Galloway app

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PhyllisWig Mon 12-Sep-16 21:42:52

Does anyone have this? I completed c25k a few months ago. I am very very slow and have a knee to keep an eye on so I want to gently increase pace. I've lost a bit of motivation recently and need some gentle encouragement and achievable goals to aim for but I think I'm just not ready for 10k yet.

I know I'll be swapping to the treadmill fairly soon as its getting too dark and I need some challenge as I get way too bored just running on a treadmill without a programme to follow.

If anyone does have it, can you play audio books/radio I player under it? There seems to be a big emphasis on running to music but I prefer spoken word. I think I should start with the 5k app as there is a speed improvement section - does that seem reasonable?

Migrant2 Fri 23-Sep-16 13:13:26

Galloway is terrific! I used to run 20k continuously and feel constantly sore. Now I use galloway and take my walk breaks and I'm up to 50 km with no soreness ( well maybe just a little the next day!) aiming for 75 km next!
I don't know the app, but can't you just use his programmes that are free on the website and then do your own playlist to go with it?

PhyllisWig Sat 24-Sep-16 16:58:57

Thanks Migrant. I did download the app and have started the programme. Am amazed at how quick I run my running bit, even if only for a minute.

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