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What gym package?

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Chattermummy Thu 04-Aug-16 15:57:01

Off to view a gym after work and no idea what I want other than a magic wand to make me fit, healthy & a size 12. Do I go for a gym membership, gym & personal trainer, gym & classes? Previously did classes only but now I can't make enough to make it worthwhile due to kids & work (think this rules class option out).

I am seriously unfit & petrified. Are personal trainers worth it?

Feckinlego Fri 05-Aug-16 11:03:52

No advice for you chattermummy as I'm in the same predicament. Trying to decide between a hotel gym which is around the corner which is just basic pool and gym, or leisure centre which is further away and more expensive but includes 4 pt sessions, classes, swimming lessons and a nutrition plan. Like you I'm a bit scared but reading different threads about other people's experiences I think our fears are unfounded!
Hopefully someone will come along with some advice!

Chattermummy Fri 05-Aug-16 12:33:36

I've opted for gym and a weekly PT session for 10 weeks. It's a 3 month contract at gym then a months notice. I think with getting weekly PT I will need to stick at it. Also gym tiny with a few members so the trainers can make sure we are going. She said if I go missing for a bit she will be messaging me to see if I'm ok.

Induction next week. Good luck

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