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Boob containment help please!

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Damson9 Fri 01-Jul-16 12:48:06

Hi there,

The hubs and I have just started doing the C25K. We went out last night for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised that I managed the first "run" (well, you know, it's mostly still walking at that point, but it's a start) without too much difficulty and, dare I say it, actually quite enjoyed it.

We are planning in our three sessions a week with the goal of undertaking a local 5K parkrun later in the year.

So, to my reason for reaching out. Last night, I wore an old sports bra of mine under a t-shirt, which is ok, but I'm in the market for something a little more slinky. I've seen lots of running tops that supposedly have built in bras, but I'm suspicious. I'm a D/DD, and am looking for something good and supportive built into a sleeveless top. Does anyone have any suggestions? I see lots say they have built in bras, but never really how much support they offer... I don't want to bark up the wrong tree, so am looking for a good recommendation before I commit! smile

Many thanks!

AnguaResurgam Fri 01-Jul-16 12:52:57

I'm not sure if you'll get slinky, but if vibrant would do, try the Panache sports bra. It holds my 36Gs just fine. You can usually find the older colours from online suppliers at considerable discount.

Damson9 Mon 04-Jul-16 09:11:26

Thanks, I will definitely look that up. It's a whole world I never thought I'd get enthusiastic about so haven't really known where to begin! smile

Bishybishybarnabee Tue 12-Jul-16 08:11:39

I've never found the 'built in' bras to be much good. In terms of sports bras, by far and away the best one I've used are by Shock Absorber, don't think they'll hit the 'slinky' criteria but they do a great job.

Damson9 Wed 13-Jul-16 11:30:50

Thanks both. I have since realised that there is no built-in-bra top that will do the job and settled into the search for the perfect sports bra... smile

londonmummy1966 Wed 13-Jul-16 18:24:54

I like Freya - they seem to be much better made than Shock Absorber - I find that the hooks and eyes on Shock Absorber are poor quality. My Freya's are still going strong after 6 months which is very unusual for a sports bra. They come in lots of nice colours as well. (Although I have always worn 2 bras when running to keep my 34Es under control).

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