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Running, asthma and cold weather

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Naicecuppatea Mon 23-Nov-15 09:41:38

I have mild asthma that at present is exacerbated by building dust at home, but that is another story. I went out over the weekend for a short run but barely made it up my usual hill before I was doubled over trying to breathe. I had to come back home. It was pretty cold, and even though I had used my inhaler beforehand I struggled. I have been running all year so it is not a beginners out of breath issue.

Any tips for dealing with asthma/wheezing in the cold? I have a race in Jan and at this rate, it is going to be a write off.

Cookiecake Mon 23-Nov-15 09:44:08

Do you use a preventer inhaler at all? I think that may help.

lavendersun Mon 23-Nov-15 09:49:10

I get asthma in the cold weather without even exerting myself. I ride a bike rather than run but it has the same effect.

In the colder months I always use my steroid inhaler morning and evening, take singulair and use my salbutamol inhaler loads, probably more than I should.

When DD was only a baby she was admitted once for asthma when she had flu - the nurse gave her 10 puffs of salbutamol to begin with.

I asked my asthma nurse about it not so long ago and she said that sort of number of puffs was fine as a one off thing but if it became regular then I should go back to see if my management could be changed.

I would go back to your asthma clinic and tell them. Singular makes a big difference to me.

Naicecuppatea Mon 23-Nov-15 09:54:15

Thank you lavender, I do use a brown preventer inhaler daily but it is obviously not helping too much. I will ask about Singular.

lavendersun Mon 23-Nov-15 10:02:57

naice, I had to call into my surgery recently when riding with DH. I had stupidly forgotten my inhaler and I was really struggling, 12 miles in I told DH we had to make a detour.

Sweaty and red faced I asked the dispensary if I could have a repeat prescription now blush, and they gave me one. Lovely helpful rural surgery.

I won't do that again!

Naicecuppatea Mon 23-Nov-15 10:21:44

Blimey! At least you were close to the surgery. Repeat prescription sounds good.

lavendersun Mon 23-Nov-15 12:54:44

3 (slow) miles away from where we were naice, but I was starting to panic. Lots of puffs in the doctors surgery and a scone and a cup of tea later I was fine (and it is downhill on the way back).

BlueChampagne Mon 23-Nov-15 16:04:01

I'm on Symbicort and it's doing the job for me. When did you last have an asthma review, Naice?

Naicecuppatea Mon 23-Nov-15 16:56:22

Years ago I'm afraid. I need to sort a review out asap. I couldn't get the Symbicort actual inhaler to work properly for me (yes I know) so went on to the brown steroid one.

lavendersun Mon 23-Nov-15 17:16:18

My surgery send letters out every six months - I thought it must be one of those things where they get paid for holding asthma reviews.

Sadly my paternal grandmother died from an asthma attack (I know care was different then), but I try go once a year at least because I am sort of scared not to.

They stop your repeat prescriptions at mine after a year!

BlueChampagne Wed 25-Nov-15 12:54:18

The nurse did make sure I could use the symbicort properly before I got it. So, have you booked your review?

Hero1callylost Wed 25-Nov-15 13:03:40

You're supposed to have a review every year or so, or per every 6 repeat prescriptions - regularly anyway.

Check your inhalers are in date and bin any past their expiry date.

I used to experience similar to you when I took Becotide (a brown preventative inhaler) but my asthma has been much better controlled since I was changed to Seretide (purple preventative). I have to use my blue ventolin much less now.

if you're using ventolin regularly it's a sign that your preventative isn't doing its job, so time to up your dosage or switch medication - push your asthma nurse on this if they don't suggest it (but they should!)

TheWordOfBagheera Wed 25-Nov-15 14:19:52

Yes to getting an asthma review, but if it's the cold air rather than just exercise triggering your asthma you also try running with something that can easily be moved up and down over your mouth as needed (like a buff neckwarmer).

Naicecuppatea Wed 25-Nov-15 20:40:55

Review booked for next week. Thanks for the advice all, I will enquire about different options.

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Wed 25-Nov-15 20:52:27

DD is a chronic asthmatic runner (her sport is triathlon), her asthma is triggered by lots of things and cold (she can't eat ice cream, have ice in drinks if the weather is really warm or drink thick shakes without needing an inhaler) is one of her big triggers. She uses a Buff scarf pulled up over her mouth at the start of a run/cycle to help lessen her symptoms.

BlueChampagne Sat 28-Nov-15 23:01:18

Good work. Make sure you tell them you want to run. Do keep us posted!

Naicecuppatea Mon 07-Dec-15 13:35:52

I have been prescribed Fostair daily morning and evening, lovely pink inhaler! Trialling it now, hopefully it will do the job.

lavendersun Tue 08-Dec-15 20:03:20

Pleased you went naice, you will have to report back on how it works.

BlueChampagne Thu 10-Dec-15 14:52:55

Fingers crossed for you Naice.

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