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Switching from marathon to triathlon

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OrangeSunset Mon 02-Nov-15 16:43:24

I've just completed my first marathon, which was a bittersweet experience but I got round.

I'm keen to capitalise on the fitness that I've built up, but am not planning on doing another marathon.

Instead I thought about aiming towards a spring triathlon next summer. I'm a SAHM at the moment so have a few week days when I can train, but would probably need to get some swim coaching.

Can anyone who has done one advise on how much training I would need to do in an average week? I'm thinking at least 4 sessions a the 3 sports count as cross-training, or would I also need to spend some time doing strength training?

Is there a big investment in kit? I have a MTB so would that do with suitable tyres?

I'm envisaging a more all round level of fitness and less aches and pains than just pounded the roads. Plus more toned muscles....and the challenge of course!

CMOTDibbler Mon 02-Nov-15 16:53:25

If you are planning on a pool based sprint (400m, 20km, 5km), then the kit is minimal - you just need smoother tyres for your bike (if you were doing more than one tri a road bike makes a big difference) and ideally a tri suit. My first tri suit was £10 from Start Fitness, so you don't need to spend a lot!

Before my first I did 2-3 swim sessions a week, 2 bike and 2 runs. I often combine things so will do 5k run on my way to the pool, or do a bike/run brick on a weekend morning.

I love tris, and this winter I'll be training for a spring marathon and keeping up my cycling/swimming for the tri season as I'm stepping up to Olympic distance in tri next season.

OrangeSunset Tue 03-Nov-15 12:16:30

Ok so sounds like the individual sessions are much shorter than the marathon ones so perhaps it'll take less time per week.

DO you mind if I ask how much time you spend training per week to train for the spring marathon and maintaining cycling/swimming?

Do you do anything other than run/swim/cycle i.e strength sessions, or do you find the different sports offer enough all-round training?

CMOTDibbler Tue 03-Nov-15 12:55:04

This is my first marathon, so I'll be following a training plan from Christmas with 4 runs a week, so will aim to do 2 swims and 2 bike sessions (one probably indoors) as well. I need to do the bike as otherwise my 9 year old will start dropping me!
One run will be threshold parkrun with ds and dh, long weekend ride (20 miles+) with ds and possbily dh if he isn't on a 'proper' ride, and a swim with them.
It all gets a bit complicated with work, dhs cycling, and ds! We get creative to fit it all in, and having a turbo trainer at home helps. My local pool does late night swimming, so last night I swam 8-9, and sometimes I do 9-10

I don't do any strength work, for a number of reasons. But I feel pretty good on what I do smile - I do do lunges/squats/planks daily but not a big routine

TriJo Wed 04-Nov-15 10:08:13

I try to do 3 of each per week when I'm training hard plus one strength session or yoga (more like 1-2 at the moment because I'm pregnant) - I do up to Olympic distance but hope to do a 70.3 in 2017. Similar background to the OP - I used to just run, but got an injury in 2012 that took a year and a half to heal up properly and swimming made it feel better.

If there is a local tri club near you then they could be worth joining, having swim coaching and group rides available to you does make things easier. Turbo trainer at home is handy for the winter and a basic one should be less than £100. If you are planning on an open water race, this is a good time to buy a wetsuit because it is out of season and some rental companies will be selling off ex-rental stock too.

In terms of strength work - I am prone to running injuries so doing core work helps to prevent them, also having a strong core helps swimming and cycling too. I have found that the overall combination of training did wonders for my body - really pulled my waist in, gave me upper body strength and made me look much fitter than I did just running.

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