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Swimming time for me??

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nikinokinoo Thu 22-Oct-15 10:06:01

My kids are at school now and I'm really wanting to get back into shape. Thinking of starting swimming as a friend said its good for all over body but feel like I look so terrible in a swimming costume... plus there the hassle of getting ready afterwards... I just don't know. Is it THAT effective an exercise?

Thistledew Thu 22-Oct-15 10:25:28

It's like any exercise - better than doing none at all, but its effectiveness depends on how hard you push yourself.

Doing 10 lengths of steady breast stroke with your head above the water will not produce much in terms of results either for calorie burning or toning. Swimming for an hour doing front crawl and incorporating sprints to get your heart rate raised is fantastic whole-body toning and a decent calorie burn. If you are starting from a low level of fitness you probably won't be able to do this to start with, but you can set yourself a target and work at it over a few months and you will see results.

And don't worry about what you look like in a costume - at my local pool there are all shapes and sizes and honestly nobody cares what their fellow swimmers look like. You will only get nasty looks if you swim slowly in the fast lane or block the ends by standing around chatting.

nikinokinoo Thu 22-Oct-15 12:38:44

I guess you are right.... doesn't take away the hassle factor though! ha ha! Which 'bits' is swimming the best for toning do you think?

Thistledew Thu 22-Oct-15 13:16:30

I wouldn't say it is a major hassle getting changed afterwards- you would be having a shower and quite possibly washing your hair after doing any exercise anyway. I shower and wash my hair at the pool, but you could just pull on some jogging bottoms and top and come home to shower if you are not far from the pool.

Swimming has completely toned my upper arms and shoulders- no more bingo wings at all. I really feel it working my abdominals when I get the technique right in crawl as you have to engage them to hold yourself level in the water. Doing lots of leg kicks in crawl or backstroke is great for your glutes.

ivykaty44 Sat 07-Nov-15 19:55:34

I run in the morning before my daily shower and hair wash, if I swim I do the same otherwise if I shower twi e it drys my skin and my shins get flaky skin. Can you swim and the shower and wash etc

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