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running pain - not stitch. What is it?

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tintinenamerique Mon 12-Oct-15 07:51:58

Can anyone diagnose? I'll likely get it checked out by dr. anyway...
I'm pretty fit but whenever I run (once or twice a week around 5k) I get a pain that feels like stitch but it's lower than stitch (lower abdomen, roughly 3-4 cm lower then the bottom of my ribcage).
Very vague I know. Much worse since the birth of my son (c section) 17 months ago. Anyone got any ideas? My trainer thought maybe hernia but seems to me to be too high for groin hernia and too low for stomach hernia. Only hurts when I run, I can do as many crunches as I like, cycle for miles without an issue. Usually disappears as soon as I stop running (though unusually I can still feel it now, 15 hours later).

nmg85 Mon 12-Oct-15 10:03:02

I actually had this yesterday for the first time exactly the same place as you and was wondering what it was. I had to keep stopping and eventually it did go away but took a good 10min of stopping and starting

chrome100 Mon 12-Oct-15 15:23:41

I get this too for no reason. Not every time, but sometimes it springs up and is agonising, even 30-40 mins into a run. Sorry, I have no advice, but it's very frustrating. I think it's a stitch.

MajesticWhine Tue 20-Oct-15 10:19:14

I get pain in the place you describe. It does feel very like a stitch, but definitely isn't. I get it on mild exertion, and sometimes just doing nothing, but worse with running or other exercise. I was eventually diagnosed with chronic myofascial pain. It seems to be something to do with tight spots in the muscles and/or the muscles going into spasm. I had some treatment and I am better at the moment.

tintinenamerique Fri 23-Oct-15 14:40:45

Thank you. Saw the GP today who said it's muscular and that I should avoid running for a while and then run less.
So now I need some form of exercise that is going to give me a good work out but also be flexible and not too time consuming to fit around work/family.

Any thoughts??

MajesticWhine Fri 23-Oct-15 16:57:59

Do some pilates type exercises - really good for strengthening your abs and hopefully prevent further injury. It doesn't really replace running though in terms of cardio output. What about cycling or swimming?

tintinenamerique Sat 24-Oct-15 18:46:32

Thanks. That was my plan. I've joined a gym
(With pool, classes etc) and been for a long cycle ride today. Gym/swim should work when husband is around to look after the wee one

yeOldeTrout Sat 24-Oct-15 18:55:43

This is gonna sound stupid. It sounds like round ligament pain which I got when running while pg.

Can people get round ligament pain when not pg?

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