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Matt Roberts treadmill??

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ninaprettyballerina Sun 22-Feb-15 15:19:46

I've been investiagting treadmills this weekend. I think I've decided on the Matt Roberts Treadmill sold in Argos.

Does anyone here have one? Or used one? Any comments?


MoreKopparbergthanKrug Wed 25-Nov-15 12:06:07

Sorry to resurrect zombie thread but just in case anyone's searching and comes across this.... I wouldn't recommend this treadmill. I've had it for 6 weeks, done less than 20km (coming back from injury); the incline's never worked properly, fan didn't work at first, now the main motor's died; though on the plus side, the fan now works (!). Argos customer service is currently leaving much to be desired also... (Minimum 6 weeks for replacement, 1week+ for repair, no refund available). I'd avoid if I had my time over again...

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