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Running & how often?

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Really1 Sat 10-Jan-15 20:50:57

I've just started running mainly to improve fitness & for some "me time" that isn't watching tv or doing housework! I'm not running to loose weight although I do need to tone. I've entered a 5k run & I am wondering how I'm going to be able to train for it?!
My children go to their dads 2 consecutive nights a week (not weekends) and I work full time. This means I have 2 consecutive evenings a week & 2 mornings that I am child free, however, I leave the house those mornings at 7:15am.
I'm happy to get out & run before I go to work but because I only have 2 possible "free" days to run I either have to do 2 days on, 5 days off or only run once a week.
Suggestions welcome pls!

willowisp Sat 10-Jan-15 21:06:41

What about finding out where your local kids park run is & running that with your kids ? AFAIK they are on a Sunday, for kids age 4-14

willowisp Sat 10-Jan-15 21:07:33

You should probably look for a couch to 5k programme too !

BlueChampagne Sat 10-Jan-15 21:16:09

Could you use your lunch hour to run? Or, if you drive, park further away and run-commute? I began by running from CM/school to office, and back in the evening (about 1.5 miles each way); last year I did a half marathon! If you can only run 2 days a week, you'll still get there though.

MyTeethAreChattering Sat 10-Jan-15 21:31:44

I was my fittest when I did a half hour run at lunch time 3 times a week.

2 days on 5 off is OK if you make the second day hard (not the first) if you combine this with taking more exercise in your daily life, e.g. walk briskly up the stairs, and maybe do some leg strength exercises in the 5 off days, e.g. squats and lunges, then you should be fine.

I sometimes get a babysitter so I can go to running club in the evening.

Really1 Sun 11-Jan-15 08:38:14

thanks for your replies! My kids are both under 5 and although the eldest is okay on a bike the youngest can't really ride one properly but is getting a bit big for a buggy but I could put him in one for some walks.
I get a train to work so commute/run I can't really do and I normally forfit my lunch break so I can leave early & pick up the kids!
So you think il be okay doing a shortish run the first day & a longer run the next & then try and do some toning/strengthening exercises a couple of the other days?
I have to try & run 5k by March gahhh!

CaulkheadUpNorth Sun 11-Jan-15 08:47:05

Are you able to have any friends babysit for an evening? My friend and her husband both ran the half marathon today and they had people babysit so they could train together.

Other than that, can you run part of the way to or from the train to work?

LordEmsworth Sun 11-Jan-15 09:08:21

There are loads of 5k training plans if you Google. Barnados, Race for Life, BUPA all have them for people who are entering their charity races.

I agree with Teeth that 2 consecutive days is ok, especially with some leg strength and core exercises (e.g. plank) on the other days that you can fit in at home. But I disagree on order... the second day should be a recovery run, so first day is speed and/or hills and less about distance, the second day is long, slow & easy. The recovery run helps to work off lactic acid that builds up as a result of the hard work.

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