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What fitness plan????? Jillian????

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Dingle Mon 24-Nov-14 09:47:59

Any advice please? I want to start some sort of fitness plan. I am not necessarily overweight but want to tone and tighten some areas and losing a few pounds certainly wouldn't be an issue. Just checked online and my BMI is 24.8!

Last year I did the C25K but since then I have had chronic pain (mainly my lower back) and haven't done much at all since. I have had an MRI and various tests but to no avail. Firstly they thought it was all stress related, then perhaps hormonal, now they are considering Fibromyalgia.

I have started getting back on my treadmill, but only for short 15-20 minutes sessions and mainly fast walking rather than actually running. I have also done a few Yoga sessions at home, Yoga for Dummies, so very basic.

With a posh dress to wear in just over 2 weeks, I feel now would be a great time to kick start a new fitness plan.....but what one??

Help please!!!

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