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Sports bra for a big woman runner

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CruCru Mon 14-Jul-14 18:45:09

I know this should go in Style and Beauty but I thought it would be more sensible to ask some runners. I am a 40 F. Can any of you recommend a sports bra? Thanks!

fieldfare Mon 14-Jul-14 18:54:53

Shock absorber. I got mine from debenhams.

dyslexicdespot Mon 14-Jul-14 18:56:09

This is the best sports bra I have ever had.

Ilovexmastime Mon 14-Jul-14 18:58:06

Another vote for Shock Absorber, I've been wearing them for years to run in, even when I went up to 34J while BFing, and they're great.

CMOTDibbler Mon 14-Jul-14 19:02:15

I've got the Freya linked to above, and its really good. Have you had your size checked? Its really important to get a good fit on sports bras to protect your norks, and if M&S have measured you before it won't be right

beccajoh Mon 14-Jul-14 19:02:22


CruCru Tue 15-Jul-14 08:45:07

Wicked thanks all. I've ordered the shock absorber on Amazon as I'm still breastfeeding so wanted something without an underwire.

standingonlego Thu 17-Jul-14 23:54:54

I have this one from Bravissimo, it is ace and comes in some good colours. If you can, go in and try some on and jump about!

dizzyday07 Fri 18-Jul-14 00:09:03

My problem is that at present I'm a 42F and most seem to only go up to 40 band size sad

Universal Mon 21-Jul-14 12:04:21

Enell without a doubt. I have large, wide boobs and this is the only bra I can run in.

HazleNutt Mon 21-Jul-14 15:35:25

Freya active underwired is excellent. And it's fine to wear wires when breastfeeding. Shock absorber Run is not bad, but comes up small, so you probably need to order a size up.

Are you sure of the size though, have you measured your underbust recently? I'm a size 12 and wear a 30 bra.

CruCru Wed 23-Jul-14 19:28:58

Well I got the shock absorber and it is okay - I think I am used to my super comfy nursing bras so I felt a bit "bundled up" in the sports bra. I'll try some of the others as well.

dyslexicdespot Thu 24-Jul-14 22:13:55

Go with the Freya. I am breastfeeding as well, and it is really quite amazing. It is the only sports bra I have ever tried that keeps my breasts completely supported without mushing them.

elvenbread Sun 21-Sep-14 18:41:20

Get a bra extender to make it an inch or 2 bigger.

Pleaseputyourshoeson Sun 21-Sep-14 19:32:10

cry Cru, just to warn you the width bands come up small on Shock absorbers. I wear a 38 instead of a 36 and it's still snug!

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