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Running in smog

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BlueChampagne Thu 03-Apr-14 10:57:16

We have sahara smog here in Cambs, but though I'm asthmatic, it doesn't seem to be affecting me on short runs (1-2 miles). I am wondering if I should do a long one (10-11 miles) tomorrow if I feel OK, or if it would be advisable to reduce it anyway?

EauRouge Thu 03-Apr-14 11:09:19

Ooh, I'm in Cambs too. I haven't been running since Tuesday morning. I think the pollution level is meant to be lower today than it was yesterday and there's a possibility of rain tonight which will help. The Met Office has an air quality index of 10 today (1 being great and 10 being shit) and 4 for tomorrow so you'll probably be fine, you can check here. Can you take a route that doesn't take you too far from home in case you get wheezy and have to turn back?

Which parkrun do you go to? I'm getting nosy now grin

BlueChampagne Thu 03-Apr-14 11:19:19

Hi EauRouge I've just looked at the BBC website too - hopefully I'll be OK tomorrow. Will just see how I feel and remember to take my inhaler!

Sorry, I don't do Park Runs - just me, the local footpaths, and MapMyRun app. I'm down to do the Flaming June half though.

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