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Shred/Ripped etc in first trimester.

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Well, do the Jillian DVD but just take it down a notch or two if you can. I used to teach aerobics and kept on going until I was 36 weeks so if you are careful it can be done.

Make sure you dont get too hot, try not to let your heart rate go bonkers and careful when you stretch.

Quodlibet Mon 26-Nov-12 12:53:50

Thanks - I guess it's a difficult one for me to judge. I have tried a couple of prenatal Pilates/yoga DVDs and just find them too unchallenging presently - they all seem designed for the 6th month onwards when your body has actually changed shape. But Jillian's uncompromising approach probably isn't the best thing either at the moment as I know I need to allow myself to slack off if I get too hot or out of breath.

My worry is I can't just sit back and relax for a couple of months as I know from hard experience that when I lose form I am on course for a flare up of my old back problems. So I need to be doing something now which is working my legs/glutes/core and keeping them challenged.

Unfortunately I don't have access to a pool at the mo so swimming isnt an option either.

Ok - the rule of thumb in pregnancy is keep doing what you already do but dont take up a new sport. When did you last do the shred or whatever?? If it has been a while I really wouldnt recommend starting it up again now, you would be better to wait.

In the early days of pregnancy your baby cant regulate its own temperature so you need to make sure you dont get too hot.

Swimming would be good, aqua aerobics (a pre natal one or pre natal yoga would be good. I really wouldnt focus on getting toned now, just enjoy your pregnancy, keep active so as not to put on too much weight but wait until you have had the baby and feel energetic enough before you start a proper hardcore fitness regime.

Quodlibet Sat 24-Nov-12 09:08:20

Thanks! So helpful!

amazingmumof6 Sat 24-Nov-12 03:03:53

you can pretty much do anything til about 12-13 weeks pregnant - you can do loads after that, but contact sports, sit ups and upside down yoga positions are a big no and any form of bouncing is to be avoided also (trampolining, jogging, jumping, horse riding etc)

walking, swimming and cycling you can do as long as you like/feel safe.

I heard that some ballet moves are incredibly good both for core strength and posture.

I'm not a gym bunny, so no idea on that

I'd inquire about ante-natal classes

Also practice pelvic floor excersize daily, very important before and after giving birth!

be careful later on about things like bending down, crossing legs, sitting in one place for hours (at a desk, driving, on sofa), squatting and spreading legs apart (sorry, don't know a better phrase!) - as your ligaments are softening up you could really hurt yourself!

I had a condition for most of my pregnancies called either pubis symphysis or pelvic girdle pain (PGP) - which meant walking, sitting etc were restricted and very painful.
I had to be careful how I stand up or get out of bed/car or how to bend or lift other kids etc - so if you have pain in your pelvic area/inner thighs please don't put it down to excersize pain, see gp and get advice!

hope this helps

(got shed loads of experience, clue is in the title!)

Quodlibet Fri 23-Nov-12 22:33:00

Just seeking a bit of advice really, on continuing (or restarting) Shred/Ripped in early pregnancy - I am 7+4 at the moment, first pregnancy.

I have always exercised, to greater or lesser degrees, but have to maintain basic fitness to keep an old back injury in check. Over the last year I have done C25k and also worked through the Jillians, combining that with running. I got to the point where I could happily tackle any of the Ripped/Shred/Buns n thighs workouts and could comfortably run 6 or 7km

However I slacked off somewhat in the summer and now am not sure what level to go back in at - I can still comfortably manage the level 1 workouts with a couple of modifications/breathers if I am getting too hot or out of breath (I seem to be reaching exhaustion quicker). I haven't tried running (feeling sluggish/it's dark and cold etc)

What I'd really like to aim for is to regain some of the tone that I had before the summer, so that I've got a good base of muscle to rely on when it all gets heavier. Am I being unrealistic?? Is it too late to improve/regain fitness?

Any advice/experience welcome.

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