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Sorry but Ecover dishwasher tablets are shite - can anyone suggest an alternative?

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CountessDracula Mon 31-Mar-08 10:05:44

I am giving up on them
I have tried and tried but they just don't do the job. I have a pretty new Miele dishwasher too, so it isn't that the dishwasher isn't up to it.

Is there any other better eco friendly dishwasher tablet?

MaloryTowers Mon 31-Mar-08 10:06:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CountessDracula Mon 31-Mar-08 10:07:00

Yes I used to use those

CountessDracula Mon 31-Mar-08 10:07:20

not sure what the bresr is though grin

MaloryTowers Mon 31-Mar-08 10:10:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Zazette Mon 31-Mar-08 10:15:05

Clear Spring gel is good, I find (I prefer their laundry liquid to Ecover too). Dead economical too - you can order a 5 ltr bottle for £16.50 here.

CountessDracula Mon 31-Mar-08 10:16:15

but is it really good?

I am loathe to order a socking great thing like that without evidence! Do you use it? Is it as effective as normal tablet?

Mung Mon 31-Mar-08 10:19:54

I use the clear spring liquid and I am not sure if it is that or the dishwasher failing. I might borrow some of my Mum's harmful super duper tablets and see if they work better.

I'll be interested to see what response you get...

CountessDracula Mon 31-Mar-08 10:20:36

so mung you mean that the dishes don't come out clean?

Hulababy Mon 31-Mar-08 10:21:12

I have tried ecover ones too and I agree, they don't do the job. Neither does the ecover toilet cleaner. And the wash power isn't convincing me yet either.

Have reverted back to the old stuff at the moment. So will read with interest.

Mung Mon 31-Mar-08 10:21:39

The glasses seem cloudy and I have to be really careful how I stack all the plates. DH thinks I try and put too much in and that is why.

Callisto Mon 31-Mar-08 10:21:58

I like Ecover tabs - they do a good job in my fairly old Hotpoint on eco wash. I also use Tesco Naturally tabs which work well imo.

Mung Mon 31-Mar-08 10:22:38

I love the Ecover loo cleaner. I use soap nuts or Clear spring washing liquid and they are fine. I just wish the dishwasher stuff worked.

Zazette Mon 31-Mar-08 10:24:26

well you can get smaller bottles of it too! any wholefoody/eco-supermarkety type place near you would be fairly likely to stock it, I think. Buy a 1-ltr to try, and order a big one if you want to embrace the Clear Spring way of life. Yes, I find it very effective (in my Miele wink).

CountessDracula Mon 31-Mar-08 10:28:37

Ah good thanks
Will give it a try

Mung Mon 31-Mar-08 10:29:02

Perhaps that is why I find the laundry liquid works...its my washing machine that is good wink

CountessDracula Mon 31-Mar-08 10:29:02

will nip to fresh & wild at lunchtime

CountessDracula Mon 31-Mar-08 10:29:31

I am allergic to all the eco washing powders
in fact to anything but Persil ffs

Mung Mon 31-Mar-08 10:30:09


Earthymama Mon 31-Mar-08 10:36:53

I use these, I think they are good value.

I also use the clothes washing tabs, though DD finds that they aren't so good for grubby children's clothes.

They are really speedy re delivery, next day usually.

For whites I add ecover stain remover.

But I still miss the smell, and I know it's not natural...but I like it!! Has any one tried this

redwino Mon 31-Mar-08 10:57:34

I use Ecover ones and have no problems with them at all. Have 8 year old dishwasher too.
However, Co-op have recently brought out an own brand eco friendly tablet. I have used these too and been happy with them.

Umlellala Mon 31-Mar-08 11:07:58

Morrisons own brand ones (Cyclon?) are BRILLIANT. Far better than Finish 5in 1 and Fairy ones. Although not eco-friendly obv.

My dishwasher is broken at the moment. Sob. Got to get it fixed. sad

suedonim Mon 31-Mar-08 13:05:27

I haven't noticed any problems with any of the Ecover stuff.

CountessDracula Mon 31-Mar-08 13:06:00

Do those of you who have no problems rinse everything before putting it in?

i never do

fairylights Mon 31-Mar-08 13:13:48

i use the ecover ones and they are fine, without even any rinsing or scraping required - in fact my MIL told me they came top in one of those blind tests in a magazine. Was just thinking that maybe its your dishwasher or something wrong with it?! But prob not... hope you find a good replacement smile

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