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School which must not be named

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VivaLeBeaver Wed 06-Nov-13 20:30:41

I want to start another thread just to find out what the daily deeds of a housewife are? grin

moldingsunbeams Wed 06-Nov-13 20:31:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fenton Wed 06-Nov-13 20:32:09

That was JUST getting interesting!

MNHQ are on the turbo gin tonight.

AthelstaneTheUnreadyFucker Wed 06-Nov-13 20:32:14

ahhh... fried tortured duck. gotcha. but why?

Ruprekt Wed 06-Nov-13 20:32:39

Drat......I missed it!

VivaLeBeaver Wed 06-Nov-13 20:32:47

Magret refers to the breast of a Barbary duck which has been force fed fois gras.

Every days a school day!

moldingsunbeams Wed 06-Nov-13 20:33:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VivaLeBeaver Wed 06-Nov-13 20:33:46

Thread deleted
Message from MNHQ: Nanny McPhee has come along and put this thread and its naughty children to bed.

AthelstaneTheUnreadyFucker Wed 06-Nov-13 20:33:52

Force fed to make foie gras, surely - otherwise the whole thing's circular and pointless?

AthelstaneTheUnreadyFucker Wed 06-Nov-13 20:34:48

are they force-fed champagne and french toast, too? <curious>

VivaLeBeaver Wed 06-Nov-13 20:34:57

Ah, mistake well spotted there! Yes, force fed to make fois gras. It would be a waste to feed fois gras to a duck!

VivaLeBeaver Wed 06-Nov-13 20:35:20


VivaLeBeaver Wed 06-Nov-13 20:36:11

Though I suppose it could be a novel way of getting a two bird roast.

Fois gras inside fois gras???

AthelstaneTheUnreadyFucker Wed 06-Nov-13 20:36:33

I want to be a duck <sulks>

I keep missing the trolls, were they really that awful?

ClayDavis Wed 06-Nov-13 20:37:06

If I were a duck I'd be massively offended if you tried to force feed me foie gras. It's not very tactful is it?

bsc Wed 06-Nov-13 20:37:28

same school as last night??

VivaLeBeaver Wed 06-Nov-13 20:37:53

I think ducks are vegetarian so they probably would be pissed off.

ClayDavis Wed 06-Nov-13 20:38:00

That's the one bsc.

VivaLeBeaver Wed 06-Nov-13 20:38:06

Bsc, yes.

AthelstaneTheUnreadyFucker Wed 06-Nov-13 20:38:43

is champagne not vegetablearianist? shock

IorekByrnisonsArmour Wed 06-Nov-13 20:39:06

Every thread I come back to has gone pfftt confused

What happened this time??

VivaLeBeaver Wed 06-Nov-13 20:40:09

I should think champagne is vegetarian is, fatty liver......not so much.

Huitre Wed 06-Nov-13 20:40:21

Surely ducks love to eat slugs and stuff. Like chickens. I'm sure they're not vegetarian, given half a chance.

ClayDavis Wed 06-Nov-13 20:41:18

I think if you're force feeding it, it doesn't get much of a choice whether it wants to be vegetarian or not.

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