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How long does it take to get a response from divorce courts?

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Startingover231 Fri 25-Sep-15 09:18:49

Hi I was wondering if any of you have any experience of how long it takes for the courts to respond to a divorce petition? I posted my divorce papers a month ago, I know they arrived because I sent them registered post and I can see they have been signed for, but the cheque still hasn't been cashed and I have heard nothing from them. It was the Southampton office.

Namechanger2015 Fri 25-Sep-15 12:25:53

You can call them out and find out, mine went to Bury St Edmund, I called them yesterday and they said they have a 2-week backlog and I should hear next week.

My sol advised calling them, because they sometimes lose files. So even if they have received it via post I would still call them and chase.

Startingover231 Fri 25-Sep-15 16:11:00

I tried ringing and the answer phone said that number wasn't taking calls at present!
Then by coincidence in the post today arrived all my application back because I hadn't given sufficient reason for the divorce, or details of the adultery!!!! How can I possibly be expected to know dates and places? Is it not enough he's left me and shacking up with her?? I thought providing 'evidence' went out at the turn of the last century! So.................. a month wasted and I have to pay special delivery postage again to return the papers!!!! Needless to say I am fuming!!!

winterland Mon 28-Sep-15 14:21:40

Oh dear, Are you taking solicitors advice? How long have you been separated for? My solicitor advised not to bother putting adultery down. But I can remember what she put instead. We'd already been separated a year though

Startingover231 Wed 30-Sep-15 17:05:01

Not using a solicitor because we have used a mediator! We too have been separated a year, why would a solicitor advise not putting adultery down, as far as I am concerned, that's the sole reason my stbxh left.......

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 30-Sep-15 20:09:31

When I filed for divorce due to adultery I stated range of dates so August 2014 to May 2015 and location Suffolk ( not real dates or location). Divorce went through fine.

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 30-Sep-15 20:10:03

Oh yes as advised by my solicitor.

apee1107 Thu 08-Oct-15 10:30:41

Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie here so please be gentle.

'Apparently' my (ex) husband sent in a petition for divorce to the Bury St Edmonds divorce centre three weeks ago today. I say apparently because that's what he's told me but he just happens to be a compulsive liar... Anywhoo...

So, I've not heard a thing from these people, despite them saying it's a two week turnaround. I've called to chase, and they've told me they can conduct a search but it'll cost me £45 for the privilege or, I can wait and chase again in three weeks time.

Can anyone tell me how long theirs took?

I've asked the other party if they have debited the money from his account yet, knowing this will tell me if it's actually being processed, but he's point blank ignoring me.

It's really frustrating not knowing what the hell is going on!

Namechanger2015 Mon 12-Oct-15 16:12:42

I send mine to Bury St Edmund on 9th August and it came back on 28th Sept.

When I chased they did look it up and told me it was in the system, but they didn't charge for this.

If your H is a liar and you think he might not have sent it can you explain this to them?

Richywalters12 Tue 13-Oct-15 22:57:13

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

murrell0cherri Sat 17-Oct-15 10:35:32

Re: Solicitor advising against adultery

Adultery can be a difficult 'fact' to prove, even if true and even with evidence, a solicitor may advise against citing adultery to assist their client get a quick and as 'pain free'* a divorce as possible. (*know there is no such thing)

Citing adultery potentially adds a third party to proceedings and has potential to be defended by your ex-spouse for many reasons (again even if you know 100% that it is true), peoples reaction to divorce and the accusation of adultery, come in all shapes and sizes. By not citing it you take a potential 'tricky' variable out the equation.

Unreasonable Behaviour is the most popular 'fact' cited and can include everything and anything that you consider unreasonable.

The court generally requires half a dozen specific examples, and they need only be a few sentences, but they do need to be specific. Eg:

' in the month on December 2014, following work/payday drinks the respondent came home drunk, waking the children and being verbally abusive to me'

In respect of the backlog at Divorce Centres, backlogs are being reported at most centres, so make sure that you sign everything, include your payment, and don't forget the marriage/civil partnership certificate (or certified copy) to avoid having your application returned.

Hope this helps

namechangingspecimen Sat 17-Oct-15 17:39:27

Apparently there was a backlog of cases as the divorce centre in Bury St Edmunds was newly set up, the delay in August was 4 weeks. I'd sent my petition in mid August, they returned it as I'd made a mistake. I returned it immediately and the petition notification says it was started in mid-September!

Having said that, it's only been a couple of weeks since then and I've just received and completed the forms for the decree nisi, no idea how long that will take to get processed.

Namechanger2015 Sat 17-Oct-15 18:23:51

I have been trying to call the Bury St Edmunds courts for a few days now, but they are permanently engaged. I don't know if their lines are down or they are just ridiculously busy at the moment?

Fuckitfay Sat 17-Oct-15 18:29:50

Bury at edmunds are taking about 6-8 weeks to process applications for decree nisi at the moment

OP is your ex willing to admit the adultery? If he won't (and he'll be asked to when he is sent the divorce period on) there's no point petitioning on the grounds of adultery. Use unreasonable behaviour instead and quote an inappropriate physical relationship with another woman, inappropriate intimate texts to a woman etc. No need to "prove" unreasonable behaviour like adultery.

Fuckitfay Sat 17-Oct-15 18:30:23

Divorce petition not "period on" sorry on phone

karenmc34 Tue 24-Jan-17 17:33:26

hi!!! Does anone know how long it takes Bury St Edmunds to ring and to get a debit card payment??? TIA xx

Heatherjayne1972 Tue 24-Jan-17 18:54:50

I called yesterday - spent 55 mins in a que. once I got through they were very helpful tho. And do take cc payments over the phone

karenmc34 Tue 24-Jan-17 19:28:23

Thanks Heatherjayne!! I've sent my petition in with a covering letter as advised, with phone numbers for them to ring me for a debit card payment. Just wondered how long to leave it before i ring them??!! x

Sherlock35 Wed 01-Feb-17 09:13:55

Does anyone know how long Bury St Edmunds are taking to process applications at the minute?

VL48 Thu 01-Jun-17 11:00:40

My STBX had agreed to accept unreasonable behaviour in our petition but has now decided he isn't 'happy' to do so and wishes to wait for two years. I have already submitted and paid for the petition which was sadly returned due to insufficient evidence and he is not prepared to agree to additional evidence. I am trying to maintain an amicable relationship, not easy as he has already moved on with a new partner and I will have to wait a further 15 months to reapply. My question is will my current petition be time limited and can I use the same one in the future and adjust it to two years? I really can't afford to enter a prolonged legal battle which would be the alternative. Any advice welcome!

MrsBertBibby Thu 01-Jun-17 18:24:30

No, a 2 year petition music be issued after the 2 years are up. And your existing petition will have to be dismissed.

MrsBertBibby Thu 01-Jun-17 18:25:01

Must. Not music.

JLDiaz Wed 27-Sep-17 12:07:16

hi guys !!! Does anone know how long it takes to ring and to get a debit card payment? I've send my application on the 20th of September and I haven't reciave any call. Thank you

JadeEllen Thu 05-Oct-17 10:14:17

JLDiaz, have they called you? I sent mine yesterday and wondering how long before they call.

JLDiaz Thu 05-Oct-17 15:27:45

No they haven't call me yet. 😥 It's been two weeks now but will wait till 3 weeks if they don't call me I ring them.

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