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Bloody Mooncup

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DontTellTheWife Tue 26-Sep-06 21:55:51

"Mooncup is environmentally friendly, save on tampons, save money, I'm going to buy one.. blah blah".
Fine with me dear... Then I saw it.. It's 25p worth of eggcup shaped rubber.. Brilliant.. Must have been a couple of quid was it?
?20 f**king quid

Sure we'll save money in the long run on fanny torpedoes but even so I feel robbed.

The other 3 weeks of the month I intend to use it for me egg & soldiers in the morning, just to get value for money.
Indeed if anyone can think of any other uses for an oval piece of rubber outside of "off games week" I'd like to hear them

MrsApronstrings Tue 26-Sep-06 21:57:18

your description made me wonder about a blue peter type home made arrangement - anyone creative?

DontTellTheWife Tue 26-Sep-06 22:22:24

You could collect a few and make a novelty cascadeing fountain in the garden.... perhaps.

iota Tue 26-Sep-06 22:25:00

like the thread title - yes they are bloody - that's their job

EmmyLou Tue 26-Sep-06 23:01:20

Ahh, but cute little drawstring bag...must be, 27p worth of egg cupped shaped rubber AND finely fashioned cotton.

CountessDracula Tue 26-Sep-06 23:05:28

A baby bath for a hamster?

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat Tue 26-Sep-06 23:06:51

a hat for a gerbil?

hk78 Thu 01-Mar-07 00:29:55

what about a nice buttplug for yourself donttellthewife?

Emskilou Thu 01-Mar-07 00:32:44

pmsl at this thread

DrDaddy Thu 01-Mar-07 09:14:31

A "bounce back" throwable vodka shot glass?
Hmmm...just thinking about drinking vodka from one

Ovun Thu 01-Mar-07 09:19:54

Your dw has been done, you can get them for £16 now
Perhaps it could be used as a measuring cup in the kitchen, but methinks that would be a tad unhygenic

skirmish Thu 01-Mar-07 09:21:34

why would anyone want to collect it in an eggcup?!

bran Thu 01-Mar-07 09:23:14

It's not rubber, it's silicon (silicone? neither looks right), doesn't that cost more than rubber?

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