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How can i make approx £100 legally?

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twolittleboysonetiredmum Sat 17-Dec-16 18:27:08

I really need to raise it to get a train ticket for Feb to visit family. Haven't really anything of value to eBay or sell on seek n sell type places on Facebook. Any ideas?!

irie Sat 17-Dec-16 18:28:12

Lots of banks will pay £120 if you switch your current account to them

BigGreenOlives Sat 17-Dec-16 18:28:53

Put up an ad locally saying you'll babysit on New Year's Eve.

twolittleboysonetiredmum Sat 17-Dec-16 18:29:49

Ooh bank switching is one to consider! Ha no chance on babysitting, we've 3 under 5 of our own and no way I can leave baby yet. Good idea tho

TeaBelle Sat 17-Dec-16 18:31:26

Join prolific academic. Totally.legit and I make.loads

glenthebattleostrich Sat 17-Dec-16 18:32:24

Can you iron or sew?

twolittleboysonetiredmum Sat 17-Dec-16 18:32:27

What is it tea belle?

twolittleboysonetiredmum Sat 17-Dec-16 18:32:54

No, not many skills sadly

DurdleDurdle Sat 17-Dec-16 18:34:10

I don't suppose it's a Mega bus route?

TeaBelle Sat 17-Dec-16 18:34:25

It's a survey site but specialises in academic research. It pays really well as they work out the length of the survey and aren't allowed to pay you less than the equivalent of the minimum wage. If you check for surveys several times a day you can easily make £100 in a couple of months. You don't need to give any bank details and can be paid via paypal

sandylion Sat 17-Dec-16 18:34:27

Could you eBay stuff? Fb sell? You could easily make £100 within a week with matched betting if your new to gambling sites. I did it for money on mat leave it was a wee boost.

TeaBelle Sat 17-Dec-16 18:35:48

You donhave to check the site regularly though and more likely to do well if you can check it when most people are either asleep or working. Having kids is fab for this as I can check some days and also I did a lot overnight when I was bfing

TeaBelle Sat 17-Dec-16 18:37:04

Also suggest using quidco (cashback website)/for all online purchases incincluding insurances.

TeaBelle Sat 17-Dec-16 18:38:48

If you want to join either you can do so directly or if you are happy to pm your emial address I can send a clicky link that should us both a bit of extra money smile but you don't have to. I know it"s a bit cheeky ;)

Manumission Sat 17-Dec-16 18:39:06

National Express are offering some tickets to rival Megabus prices ATM.

Can you tell us where to where? Or is it outing?

musingsofawannabemumpreneur Sat 17-Dec-16 18:41:57

Any toys that your kids have grown out of to sell? Shpock should be great for this, especially close to Christmas.

twolittleboysonetiredmum Sat 17-Dec-16 18:46:45

I'm open to clicky links smile
It's outing, north western town to south eastern town that can involve crossing London or changing at Birmingham. I looked at national express etc but I'm taking the baby and I think I'd rather not go then have a 10hiur journey 😳

twolittleboysonetiredmum Sat 17-Dec-16 18:47:28

What is shpock?! I'm sure I can trim some toys off though we did donate lots recently so no extra good ones sadly

sandylion Sat 17-Dec-16 18:51:33

Sorry I literally missed the part when you said no to eBay and fb! But still, matched betting is a good option it's risk free you can't lose money if you follow the rules of it.

ivykaty44 Sat 17-Dec-16 18:52:05

Nationwide are offering £100 if you are recommended to them, and whoever recommends also gets £100 so ask around. It's an online account with 5% interest paid as long as you have £1k a month going in and your switched account has two direct debits.

DurdleDurdle Sat 17-Dec-16 18:53:48

Coaches are comfortable these days! If you can't afford £120 and the coach is super cheap then surely it's worth the extra travel time.

twolittleboysonetiredmum Sat 17-Dec-16 21:36:29

I've had a look at coaches and due to where I live I'd have to take a train for an hour to get one. All in would cost £90 so not much difference to tRain either. I used to use mega bus a lot but they're coming out quite pricey now. I used to get their £1 tickets smile
I need to look into the bank swap, is it easier than it used to be?

NapQueen Sat 17-Dec-16 21:38:25

Are you in credit with your gas/electric supplier? If you swap to another supplier your current one will lay out whatever you are in credit to.

Choccobiccy Sat 17-Dec-16 21:39:29

Definitely matched betting. You could easily make 100 in a day

YorkieDorkie Sat 17-Dec-16 21:57:17

Gift wrapping service for Christmas...

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