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Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner (Facebook)

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moobar Sun 05-Apr-20 21:44:25

Been drawn to pictures on this page today.

Albeit I'm very rural Scotland. I've been watching a few threads and commented on a few about respecting boundaries and rules at present, and indeed people's perceptions of those.

There's a post on here with over two thousand comments of people just sitting in the park, sun bathing and playing games. How can this be?

I know on mumsnet, and I may have missed it, nobody would admit to ever doing anything like this. Or indeed shopping for non essentials, or stockpiling.

But this has staggered me. What is going on? Why is this happening. I'm so sad and scared right now.

I also apologise if this has been covered. It probably has. Or it may be this fake news stuff I keep seeing. But in that video that park looks like a normal day? Am I wrong?

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AutumnRose1 Sun 05-Apr-20 21:47:58

I’m a Londoner

Those pictures are likely fake

The fake pics on Twitter are ridiculous. If you’ve got friends across town, it’s easy to know what’s happening.

Newname12 Sun 05-Apr-20 21:51:03

In laws are in London. They are having to drive to walk the dog in a wood nearby as the parks are overcrowded.

moobar Sun 05-Apr-20 22:00:42

Thanks both.

I was reluctant to believe the video was true. But I have no idea really. Was just interested in what those there were seeing.

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SugarSugarShimmy Sun 05-Apr-20 22:14:35

I Live in London I’ve seen no-one flouting then rules.

AutumnRose1 Sun 05-Apr-20 22:19:02

OP I’d be interested to see a link?

Titsywoo Sun 05-Apr-20 22:19:46

I think a lot of the problems are the fact that London is so densely populated that when everyone goes out to exercise the parks will end up being very busy. There are some people taking the piss (sunbathing etc) but I'm pretty sure it's a minority.

DarnedSocks Sun 05-Apr-20 22:20:22

Rule breakers everywhere.
In Scotland your CMO went to her second home.
Two thousand people in London is a tiny minority. Eight millions plus live there.

ArialAnna Sun 05-Apr-20 22:20:58

I'm getting a bit fed up of all the London bashing on mumsnet of recent. I live in London (zone 3) and the majority of people I see day to day seem to be obeying the rules. I suspect the percentage of people breaking the rules is very similar to that of the rest of the country.

NowtSalamander Sun 05-Apr-20 22:21:18

People have been following the rules in my bit of London.

SimonJT Sun 05-Apr-20 22:22:02

I’m a Londoner.

I was at London fields today and yesterday, it was extremely quiet. Despite this people are sharing (and believing) old video footage to make it look busy there yesterday.

Babyfg Sun 05-Apr-20 22:22:15

My part of London everyone is playing by the rules. These silly media stories are going to get our exercise banned 😭

mynameiscalypso Sun 05-Apr-20 22:22:29

DH went for a run around one of the big parks I. London early this morning; he said that there were lots of people out already including groups having breakfast together. He went for a run at lunch one day last week and said the parks were the same as usual - groups cycling, dog walkers etc. I think part of the problem is that we're relatively densely populated so it only takes a relatively small % of people to go outside and it looks full.

DroppedBoxxedRuth Sun 05-Apr-20 22:23:34

I have friends still living in London who are saying our local parks have been packed.

whistleinthewind Sun 05-Apr-20 22:23:45

East Londoner here, busier than your average weekend but far quieter than most nice weekends. More people walking but all are easily half a football field away... don't believe all you see!

DarnedSocks Sun 05-Apr-20 22:23:50

I suspect some of these posts are stealth brags. Look at me safe in my rural isolation.

minipie Sun 05-Apr-20 22:23:59

I haven’t seen the pics. But I live in London. The parks have plenty of people in them but there is enough space between the people. Any groups are (almost) all family groups.

If you take a picture from the side of the park it looks like a crowd but if you took a picture from overhead, you’d see the big gaps between people.

So papers etc can choose what kind of photograph to publish dependent on their agenda.

AutumnRose1 Sun 05-Apr-20 22:24:03

Also, people have to be realistic

The streets and parks of London do mean that it’s hard to keep 2m at all times. I’ve stepped in and out of roads and driveways today but there’s bound to be problems.

The queue outside the supermarket, I have to walk past to reach my flat. It’s a very busy road so anyone walking past the queue can’t observe 2m. The pavement is about 1.5 wide maybe?

wedding2020 Sun 05-Apr-20 22:24:43

I went for a run in Hyde park today (it’s my local park and this was my daily exercise). It was packed full of people. Many walking, jogging or cycling but lots of people sunbathing and sat on benches. Police were wandering around telling people to move but I was surprised at how busy it was.

BrexpatInSwitzerland Sun 05-Apr-20 22:26:03

I'm not presently in but from London.

According to my family and friends it's mostly quiet on their end. Though my friend who lives next to one of the parks has also been saying it's bloody busy. She doesn't go there herself and walks her poor mutt up and down the street instead.

moobar Sun 05-Apr-20 22:27:15

I just wanted to ask the question, surely that's allowed.

I've named the Facebook page in my title, it's the top post on that page, footage of a park on fourth April, allegedly.

No stealth brag here, as others have said look at our health minister. I'm as scared as you. And isolated, and lonely, I just wanted to talk to someone and ask if this was real.

We have the issues here, people walking, people picnics etc, but also lambing and calving.

Yes it probably is fake. And of course there are more people. But it looks so crazy I wanted to ask.

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AutumnRose1 Sun 05-Apr-20 22:30:13

It doesn’t come up as a top post for me

I can see a picture attached to a Daily Mail article, a London Fields video.

Not sure if the video is accurate but that’s people doing the best they can in that space, especially as Vicky Park was closed.

The supermarkets are much worse.

AutumnRose1 Sun 05-Apr-20 22:32:35

“ I'm as scared as you”

Sorry you’re scared. I’m not. Hopefully fellow Londoners are a bit more “meh” about it as well.

No point having a life that isn’t worth living. Those of us in flats are more worried about an outdoor exercise ban.

moobar Sun 05-Apr-20 22:33:02

Yes @AutumnRose1 the London fields one. I don't see it as a daily mail link, just a video posted. I'm sorry if that's the case. I really hope it is fake. But appreciate the points About more people etc.

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AutumnRose1 Sun 05-Apr-20 22:34:54

It doesn’t even look bad. You can still fly into London from loads of countries, that’s fucking stupid.

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