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40 and TTC club anyone ??

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Jaysdream7 Sat 12-Sep-20 12:56:59

Hi, thought I would Start a thread for anyone 40 + trying to conceive. I’m about to start my period had several BFN so would be great to share the journey with fellow mummas. Xxx

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Sunbird24 Sat 12-Sep-20 14:41:26

Sunbird24 Sat 12-Sep-20 14:42:34

@Jaysdream7 come and join the thread above

whatever1980 Sat 12-Sep-20 15:19:06

I'm 40 in December - I can I join please?

Trying for baby no. 4

Super lipoid acid
Folic acid
Multi vitamin
Omega 3

Easy@home ovulation tests
Clearblue monitor
Clearblue digital ovulation sticks

Bought conceive plus instead of preseed this time not sure what I think

Off the caffeine and coke

See what happens

Jaysdream7 Sun 13-Sep-20 09:21:37

Hi lovely, wow what a lot of things you are doing well done you. I’m taking the boots trying for a baby tablets and will be my second cycle this month of TTC. How long have you been trying?
I want 4. I have 2 ds but would love another 2 close in age but so scared about my age and risks etc.

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whatever1980 Sun 13-Sep-20 10:53:14

Same here.

I had a missed miscarriage back in 2017 and was in hospital for a week and it shook me up as I'd conceived babies 1 and 2 easily and I had no idea 3 hadn't progressed. So I bought the book "it starts with an egg" and used the supplements she suggested in that and I'm using taken again. I was 32 with no.1 (she's 7 now), 32 with no.2 and 37 with no. 3 and I'd be 40 if it happens this time. If I do get pregnant I'll be straight into the baby aspirin.

Been monitoring fertility off and on since January but didn't try until last month as quite new in job.

Was getting peaks no problem before I started trying then error on monitor last month and no peak on monitor this month just highs. Been using this monitor for 8 years now so maybe it's old and malfunctioning or it's me! I used other strips too which have shown a peak so maybe my surge just isn't strong enough for monitor.

Dunno but kind of wished I'd started trying earlier and too he'll with job.

I have kids with severe disabilities in my family and it's incredibly tough. I'm very aware of my age.

I'm overthinking this I know but I'm a real planner and just putting everything on the credit card at this month.

What about you?

Meme69 Sun 13-Sep-20 14:56:29

I'll join you. I'm 41 and have had 4 CP and 1 MMC in the past 16 months. The other over 40 thread is so long it's intimidating!!

4dpo today. Not holding out much hope though

Jaysdream7 Sun 13-Sep-20 17:07:06

Hi @Meme69 😊. Sorry to hear about your loses. I have had 1 mc and 1 cp plus 2 terminations due to severe medical condition.
My AF has just started but I knew it would as had zero symptoms.
I did get faint positives on 2 diff preg tests but they were so faint but not taking them as chemicals.

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GanderousGoose Sun 13-Sep-20 23:08:25

Hi I'd like to join please! I have one DS13 and am 40 and TTC no. 2 with my partner of 9 years. Had a chemical in August and a BFN last cycle with a LOT of slightly psycho testing and 3 random v.faint positives one evening, which were negative again an hour later. Don't know what was going on with that! Trying OPK strips for first time this cycle but not taking any particular supplements though will have a look at them if I don't get pregnant this cycle. Like you, I'm keenly aware of my age... Conceived DS1 without any issue at all. Wasn't planned but wasn't avoided either, had no idea when I was ovulating or anything. Somehow thought I'd conceive easily again but guess age really does make a difference... Would love to keep this group going and have some ladies of a similar age to chat to.

GanderousGoose Sun 13-Sep-20 23:11:19

Forgot to say - currently CD8!

Jaysdream7 Mon 14-Sep-20 09:37:42

Hi @GanderousGoose good to meet you. Of course you can join the more the merrier.
How bizarre I had 2 faint positives and now dpo 14 and spotting so assume AF is here. Sorry for your loss. It’s crap. I’m into cycle 2.
Good luck !!!xxx

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Sunbird24 Tue 15-Sep-20 21:30:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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