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tempi Mon 06-Aug-07 18:59:42


I am starting donor IVF on the 15/8/7 and on this day I will be 9 dpo....... just had a thought......if I am pregnant this month(been ttc for 3 years).....and I start to take my 'shutting down' drugs.... this will be awful!

Basically I am wanting to know......what pregnancy test can I buy that will be super duper sensitive (I will be about 4-5 days before I am due on) so that I can rule out pregnancy before I start my treatment.

Just to add me and my DH did not take precautions this month before our IVF cos we just couldn't bear the thought of loosing 1 month of ttc!!!!!!!!!

any advice appreciated

scorpio1 Mon 06-Aug-07 19:01:06

10 miu ones

scorpio1 Mon 06-Aug-07 19:01:35


tempi Mon 06-Aug-07 19:03:54

scorpio1 sorry!!!!! what is 10 miu???????

scorpio1 Mon 06-Aug-07 19:05:44

clearblue, for example is 25 miu...

its how much HCG (pg hormone) it can detect. so, 10 miu is the most sensitive available.


scorpio1 Mon 06-Aug-07 19:07:11

10 miu

goingfor3 Mon 06-Aug-07 19:08:33

First response is good. I got false positives with the cheap 10 miu ones.

tempi Mon 06-Aug-07 19:15:44

shit! just bought the following

scorpio1 Mon 06-Aug-07 19:16:56

couldnt see which ones you bought but if you get bfp on those, then try a FR? better safe!

tempi Mon 06-Aug-07 19:17:15

goingfor3 how many days after ov where you when you got your false pos with 10miu????

tempi Mon 06-Aug-07 19:19:06

scorpio1 down the left hand sie under pregnancy test.... the 1st one.... 'ulta preg test'

goingfor3 Mon 06-Aug-07 19:20:45

I can't remeber but I could see the line where the positve line would have been and it happened a few times. I got a positive using a boots own brand test just over a week after ov but FR are supposed to be more sensitve.

scorpio1 Mon 06-Aug-07 19:21:25

just see what they say-should be quite clear. false + are prob v faint. if you do get a coloured line, test with a first response good luck

scorpio1 Mon 06-Aug-07 19:22:16

i got a + today, 12dpo with a predictor, if that helps.

tempi Mon 06-Aug-07 19:22:29

thanks girls! much appreciated

Peachy Mon 06-Aug-07 19:25:15

hap[py to pop a less sensitive one in the post if you want a back up, have a few spare

looneytune Mon 06-Aug-07 19:28:30

What does dpo mean?

scorpio1 Mon 06-Aug-07 19:32:16

days past ovulation

looneytune Mon 06-Aug-07 19:35:13

aahhh, i wondered that after posting, thanks for confirming presume those who know their dpo, know when they ovulated due to these sticks you can get? Have no idea when I do or how long ovulation normally lasts?

Oh, sorry, totally hijacked there sorry tempi!

scorpio1 Mon 06-Aug-07 19:36:31

i know because of my cm-you have to watch very carefully.

read this!

looneytune Mon 06-Aug-07 19:42:06

Thanks SOOO much, that link is VERY useful I have a couple of questions but rather hijack, will start a new thread once I've put ds to bed. Thanks again

scorpio1 Mon 06-Aug-07 19:43:08

ask away!

tempi Mon 06-Aug-07 20:11:30

peachy!!!!!!!! you are so kind that would be great!

tempi Mon 06-Aug-07 20:12:38

looneytune! no probs honey hijack away!

tempi Mon 06-Aug-07 20:18:25

just off to watch America next top model

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