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December bus ho ho ho

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Chanel05 Mon 05-Nov-18 12:33:11

For those of us determined to get a bfp before end of 2018 and celebrating Christmas without any alcohol!

TTC: no 1
Cycle: 5
Cycle day: 1
AF/BFP due: 4th December

Wifelife Mon 05-Nov-18 12:38:38

Can I join!

TTC #1
Cycle: 5
Cycle day: 3
Af/bfp due: 12th Dec if I’m on a 40 day cycle like the last one (very erratic at the moment)

Completely gutted by AF this weekend, used preseed this month, BD all over presumed fertile period and was quietly confident it might be this month sad

My best friend is due any day now too so I was hoping for good news sad

WildFlower2018 Mon 05-Nov-18 12:49:30

Hello ladies,

I'd like to join 😊😊

I sadly had to have a TFMR with my first at the end of August. Baby was poorly and had a condition that was not compatible with life.

Our appointment to discuss the post mortem (and hopefully be given the go ahead to start TTC again) is next Friday.

According to my app, my first fertile window after our appointment will be late Nov/Early Dec. Fingers crossed for a pre-Christmas BFP.... my fingers are crossed for everybody!!!! X x

Chanel05 Mon 05-Nov-18 12:57:44

@WildFlower2018 sorry to hear that flowers fx for you.

@Wifelife I also had a go at pretty much everything last cycle with no success. Statistically speaking,we’re both due a bfp by the end of this year based on how long we’ve been ttc! That’s my thinking for this cycle to get me through until fertile week.

sausageonastick Mon 05-Nov-18 18:39:11

TTC #2
Cycle 11 I think

We're supposed to be "leaving it to chance", but who on earth is laid-back enough to actually do that?!

wannabebump Tue 06-Nov-18 07:21:57

I'm on this bus, hello ladies!

Off BC since Sept, no sign of anything happening with AF etc so just DTD and keeping FX! Trying the whole calm "we'll see how it goes" approach 😂

Baby dust to us all xx

Fae28 Tue 06-Nov-18 15:18:39

Hi ill join ☺☺

Hope everyone get the christmas present they want and deserve!!!!!

TTC: no 1
Cycle: 9-11 (not sure)
Cycle day: 1
AF/BFP due: 2th December
# 1 ectopic, no chemical or losses
Preeseed: cycle 1 🤞🤞

TtcIAm Tue 06-Nov-18 16:47:42

hoping on i created another thread because i couldn't find this

cycle 8
ttc 2
after a long cycle 132 doctors induced a period in hope of resetting my previously regular cycles, i do have pcos but i don't have the hormone imbalance just cysts


af hopefully due 4th december or a bfp if not doctors will induce a period again

Willowjasmine Tue 06-Nov-18 18:16:54

Hi Everyone can I join?

TTC #1
Cycle: 7
Cycle day: 3
AF/BFP due: 11th December

Long cycles recently, which get my hopes up every time. Really struggled when AF arrived this month, everyone around me is pregnant! BFP for Xmas please

MrsP4 Tue 06-Nov-18 19:44:37

Hi ladles please can I Join,
TTC #1
Cycle 2

Came off BC end of sept currently on day 2 of AF so gearing up and getting ready for month number 2! Would love to be pregnant by Christmas, happy and feel quite lucky that my periods have returned, had a 30 day cycle last month after stopping BC which I think is pretty good. Good luck everyone!

glh08 Tue 06-Nov-18 22:33:10

Can I join smile

TTC #1
Cycle: 6
Cycle day: 1
AF/BFP due: 14th December

FiH81 Wed 07-Nov-18 08:54:38

Hi lovelies,

Ttc: #4
Cycle: 3 following a mc in September
Cycle day: 2

Good luck everyone - let's get ourselves the gift of a dry Christmas season lol x

MyloC Wed 07-Nov-18 17:21:46

Jumping on this bus if thats okay. AF showing signs of arriving and should be in full swing by tomorrow!

TTC - #1
Cycle - 5 but first few months don't think I hit ovulation.
AF/BFP due - 7th December

Going to continue using OPKs this month and try conceive plus for the first time.

Baby dust to us all!

Bab28 Wed 07-Nov-18 19:38:21

Can I jump on please. Hoping for a BFP Christmas present this year🤞🏻
Cycle 3
Cycle day 11 so in my fertile window so lots of BDing atm
BFP/AF due November 28th

Baby dust to all and many Christmas BFPs🤞🏻👶🏻

AtticaRose Thu 08-Nov-18 07:48:48

Hopping on!

TTC#1, first cycle! Waiting till after my birthday at the end of November, for the sake of an arbitrary starting place.

AF would be due on the 25th Dec. This will be an interesting Christmas!

Any tips for a newbie?

loveshinealight Sun 11-Nov-18 15:25:47

Looks like I'm on this bus now!

Age: 33
TTC #2
Cycle 4

Last cycle was 37 days long... argh! Looking at clear blue fertility monitors on eBay.

PaintingOwls Sun 11-Nov-18 15:59:54

Hello all. My November bus is dead so here I am.

TTC: no 1
Cycle: 3
Cycle day: 5
AF/BFP due: 6th December

This month I have bought OPKs and put DP on ZMA.

Monday55 Sun 11-Nov-18 16:15:07

Really hoping for an Xmas BFP.

TTC #1
Cycle 1
AF due 19 November

If all goes to plan bfp should literally be the week of Xmas. That would be an awesome gift for OH.

mrss2018 Sun 11-Nov-18 20:47:34

I'm going to jump on tentatively-
TTC #1
Cycle number 5- following miscarriage in July
Awaiting biopsy results following a dodgy smear- they couldn't see an area they need to treat so praying everything is ok or I'll have to have treatment and wait for a clear smear- 6 months time 🙄

Let's all prey for a Christmas miracle! 🎄

LatteLover12 Sun 11-Nov-18 21:06:57

Hopping on!

TTC #3
Cycle 3
AF due 8th December

DP works away so it’s tricky being in the same county never mind hitting our fertile window!

Tsarcasm Sun 11-Nov-18 21:07:54

Hi ladies, can I jump on please?

New to mn, DP and I have agreed to TTC in Dec! Been keeping it to ourselves so will be nice to talk to people in the same boat as us - we are the first of our friend group/ close family to TTC.

TTC #1
Cycle 1

Came off the pill in Sept. Last cycle was 38 days long so bought some OPKs to try and track ov dates. AF hopefully due 1st Dec but not sure what will happen as only 2 months off the pill...

Wishing for Xmas baby dust for us all grin

Monday55 Mon 12-Nov-18 07:34:32

@lattelover22 I know the struggle. That's how I missed what I would have called Cycle 1 as OH was away with work. We still DTD around the fertile window (but not during the fertile window lol) so still a chance for a Cycle-0 bfp if ovulation happened to be a few days early or late.

Hoping for some luck this time as he's taken a week off work end of November. Catching the fertile window is getting trickier than I thought.

@Mrss2018 Hope all goes well for you. You deserve the bfp after everything you've been through. Fingers crossed for you and a little prayer for an Xmas miracle smile

HopeHopity Mon 12-Nov-18 08:30:21

Can I join?
On CD15 but positive I didn't ovulate this cycle so I shall be out sad

Age 37 (how did this happen?!)

Trying for around 4 months and probably will be here for a long while

Hello everyone!

mrss2018 Mon 12-Nov-18 17:36:04

Thanks @Monday55 my bfp would be due on Xmas day! So I really hope everything is ok!

I meant Christmas miracles for us all!! If not a very boozy Xmas!! 😂

Nell90x Mon 12-Nov-18 23:14:52

Hi, can I join?

TTC #1
Cycle 3
CD 8
AF due 3rd Dec.

Hoping for some Christmas magic all round!

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