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Faint Lines

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ReeRee6108 Mon 16-Apr-18 15:20:06

Hey guys,

So honestly I'm really confused, usually cycles are 29-31days. My last 2 cycles have lengthened to 44 days, not sure why. Currently on 45 days, I think I have a faint positive on clear blue I also did FRER I see a little something but it's extremely hard to see.

Any ideas? Faint positive or evap. Only ever been pregnant once 6 years ago ended in early mc. Been trying ever since. 29 years old, no children.

I do have 2 more tests one frer and another clear lie, going to try to wait another 48 hours but I hate being in Limbo. I guess I need to vent somewhere body once again is acting up and working against me as usual sad

Reeann xxx

ReeRee6108 Mon 16-Apr-18 15:24:01

Appears as though the image quality is crap once uploaded, clearer high res pics here


ReeRee6108 Mon 16-Apr-18 15:38:06

Another pic in different lighting

Muffin7 Mon 16-Apr-18 15:43:39

I can see a faint line in the final photo, when did you take the test? I would be inclined to take another one first thing tomorrow morning.

Dvg Mon 16-Apr-18 15:50:01

I can't see anything sad hope you get good news xx

Waitingonasmiley42 Mon 16-Apr-18 15:54:30

I can see something faint but I don't trust blue dye tests as they often show faint lines even when negative.

Good luck

WhereDoLostSocksGo Mon 16-Apr-18 15:59:24

ive had similar on a clearblue and a tescos own brand and it was a false postive -
wait a couple of days if you can and doe the fRER with first morning urine.

Rose2887 Mon 16-Apr-18 16:23:38

It looks postive but really faint.. maybe quite early! I only have a faint line on a frer at the minute smile keeping everything crossed for you.

ReeRee6108 Mon 16-Apr-18 16:23:41

Hey guys thanks. I did an frer last night it's was very faint did another this afternoon and it was again faint but yesterday's was easier to see. I shall do first thing tomorrow with the same clearblue and shall do a frer the next day. Or do you guys think I should leave a little more time in between? Xx thanks @Muffin7 @Dvg @Waitingonasmiley42 @WhereDoLostSocksGo ❤️

ReeRee6108 Mon 16-Apr-18 16:24:35

@Rose2887 ooooo I'm excited for you a faint line on a frer is a good thing. Good luck and congrats 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😭

Kate123cl Mon 16-Apr-18 16:24:51

@ReeRee6108 I see a line! smile

Muffin7 Mon 16-Apr-18 16:25:44

I would take one first thing tomorrow and if still faint then wait a few days.

meow1989 Mon 16-Apr-18 16:28:30

This was my very faint line and but negative digi in October a week before af due... I'mnow 30 weeks 😊 difficult to tell from your pics-is there blue to the line or is it grey? I'd do a frer, good luck!!

ReeRee6108 Mon 16-Apr-18 16:29:56

@Kate123cl I hope I'm not getting excited again for no reason 🙈 story of my life 🤣

ReeRee6108 Mon 16-Apr-18 16:30:18

@Muffin7 I shall do this thank you 😊 x

ReeRee6108 Mon 16-Apr-18 16:31:14

@meow1989 it definately has blue to it not grey at all. Although it's a little lighter than your line. Congrats by the way 🎉🎉🎉 you don't have long to go at all are you excited for your arrival ❤️❤️

meow1989 Mon 16-Apr-18 16:32:57

Thank you 😊 super excited and about ready for him to be here now!

Fingers crossed for you 🤞🏻 🤞🏻

ReeRee6108 Mon 16-Apr-18 16:38:57

Awwww is he going to be your first? @meow1989 x

Rose2887 Mon 16-Apr-18 16:50:41


I’m scared... won’t feel real until I get a dark line!!! Good luck xx

ReeRee6108 Mon 16-Apr-18 16:52:12

@Rose2887 I know the feeling it's so hard not to be worried hugs if you ever need to talk I'm happy to listen we all need to support each other because this is hard stuff to go through alone ❤️

Rose2887 Mon 16-Apr-18 18:51:42

Aah thank you!!! Tiredness has hit this evening. Let me know how you get on grin

meow1989 Mon 16-Apr-18 21:07:25

Yep, bubba number one 💙

ReeRee6108 Wed 18-Apr-18 10:53:40

Just an update so still unclear the first response I think is negative still faint lines on clear blue. Currently cycle day 47, cervix seems high and close. Don’t particularly feel any symptoms, pregnancy or af. Feel a little confused.

ReeRee6108 Wed 18-Apr-18 10:57:46

Another pic

Tefiti2 Wed 18-Apr-18 11:52:35

@RheeRhee6108 I can see a very faint line on the FRER - do you know when you ovulated? The clearblue ones are rubbish for early testing!

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