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Anyone had success with IUI????

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dogtired Wed 14-Mar-07 17:03:56

Thinking about giving it a go before doing IVF.

How many times did you try it before becoming pg?

Or is it a waste of time and money?

Whoooosh Wed 14-Mar-07 17:12:36

I did and it worked first time-it is way cheaper than IVF but more importantly,way less stressful on you rmind and body than IVF.

It really depends on why you are stuggling to conceive naturally as to whether it is worth a go.

LiliAnjelika Wed 14-Mar-07 17:21:49

I recommend IUI too. My first IUI (two years ago), aged 35, was successful first time. My best friend also did IUI after trying to get PG for 5 years. She was also successful first time. My second attempt at IUI last year took a little longer - 5 times actually - but it finally worked and I'm now 11 weeks PG. I used only Clomid on both occasions, although my friend was taking daily hormone injections to correct hormone imbalances.

I should add that it probably depends on what the problem is. I'm not sure whether I have a problem. NOthing has been diagnosed. It was just taking a while to get PG and I was impatient. Ultimately I also found it less stressful than trying to seduce my partner into having sex at exactly the right time every month!

Good luck. They say you should give it between 3 - 6 months.

dogtired Wed 14-Mar-07 17:30:24

Wayhey, this is sounding promising!!

We had tests and a consultation with Prof Craft and he reckons there's nothing really wrong with either of us. Dp's count's a bit low, but not too bad. I wasn't making too many eggs - they're a bit on the low side. He suggested we went straight for IVF - but that's His Thing I suppose? I think I'd do the injections rather than just clomid, but I guess we'll discuss it at our proforma next week.

We've been trying for a second child for about 14 months.

I like the fact that the sperm and egg aren't selected artificially this way (also the price of course...)

LiliAnjelika Wed 14-Mar-07 17:39:35

Forgot to say that the only thing they did find with our investigations was that my partner's count was also low average. Funny thing was that his count was actually at its lowest when I finally got pregnant (9 million) which just goes to show that it only takes one!

My other recommednation is a couple of sessions of acupuncture beforehand. I tried my first two sessions of acupuncture in the first two weeks of my successful cycle and I've heard loads of similar success stories. There are masses of studies on the internet about it.

Don't know why your prof would suggest straight to IVF. I've never heard of that before. I was going to move on to IVF after six cycles. I think that's the norm.

WeaselMum Wed 14-Mar-07 17:49:19

worked second time for me. Definitely worth trying for a few cycles rather than straight to IVF!

charmedhay Wed 14-Mar-07 18:21:50

Had iui with both my dd and ds. Worked 6th cycle for both along with clomid Good luck

SquillosMum Wed 14-Mar-07 20:14:24

Had DS by IUI with donor sperm on 4th attempt - first three with no drugs and the successful one was with stimulated ovulation. Am currently approaching the end of my 2ww following our first attempt at IUI for DC2 - should know tomorrow if it has been successful. Also went straight for stimulated ovulation this time. Fingers crossed it has worked as there's a donor sperm drought! I don't know the cost of IVF, but our treatment cost about £700, plus about £250 for drugs, plus £300 for the sperm. I have enough drugs left over for another cycle so won't have that cost next time, if this one hasn't worked. It's not particularly invasive, I had about 3 internal scans to monitor the ovulation process, did daily injections myself and then went in for the insemination - it's a bit like having a smear. The worst bit is definitely the 2ww, but you get that with any treatment! Good luck whatever you decide to do.

Earlybird Wed 14-Mar-07 20:26:39

dogtired - I'm another IUI success story. Took 4 tries, but was eventually successful!

What is your fsh level? When you say you've been trying for 14 months - is that just the two of you on your own, or under a doctor's supervision?

dogtired Wed 14-Mar-07 20:34:59

Oo lovely - more iui babies!

LA, I'll ask at the appt why they suggested go straight to IVF- it's with another dr this time. We've actually had some acupuncture with a specialist fertility guy. Dp's still having it regularly - the guy said he doesn't need to see me anymore? I'll give him a ring though.

Eb - my FSH was 9.5 in September and I've not had it done yet is that ok? I think they said it was... and yes, just the two of us with the occasional help of ov predictor kits. Dp works away quite a bit so we have missed a few cycles.. however, I'm 37 and want at least 2 more.

It costs about £850 a go at our clinic (though they'll probably add more stuff on as they do

SM - Good Luck!!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you

Whoooosh Wed 14-Mar-07 21:16:02

SM-wiahing you all th every best-keeping fingers crossed for you

ZZMum Wed 14-Mar-07 21:18:29

Got my DD on my second attempt -- it is worth a go if you have no known issues that are preventing your IF -- ie like us, everything was normal but not getting PG... hardly any hassle, which is not how you would describle IVF.. and mine cost 550 quid!! (IVF 4K!)

WeaselMum Thu 15-Mar-07 07:38:02

best of luck for today SM

If you don't mind my asking -is it sperm from the same donor as last time? (sorry to hijack)

SquillosMum Thu 15-Mar-07 08:52:59

Not good news for me today - AF arrived during the night, at least I didn't need to waste a test this morning.

WM - was a different donor as there was none left of the one we were successful with, real shame as it worked and my DS is a real cutie-pie!

Whoooosh Thu 15-Mar-07 09:03:42

Sorry to hear that SM-at least you know it can work-best of luck next time round.

WeaselMum Thu 15-Mar-07 09:08:52

sorry it didn't work out this time SM

We have been told we can have 2 more vials from the same donor (originally we were told there wasn't any left) so I am wondering if/when to go for it! I also think another one like my ds would be lovely

rahrah1 Thu 15-Mar-07 09:26:39

I have been trying for 29 months now and have had all the fertility tests and all clear.. nothing wrong with either of us. We caught naturally after 18 months and went to 24 weeks but lost the baby due to what the consultant thinks are implantation problems...where the placenta had trouble maintaining the baby. I was thinking if IUI would be useful to me to help with implantation problems. My fertility consultant is on the NHS and he is saying give it another 18 months....where I would be approaching 35! It just seem ridiculous.. as the pregnancy becomes even more high risk at 35 and we would really like more than one child.
So how did you go around finding a reputable private clinic... my current clinic would not even tell me my latest test results until my next appointment in 6 months... It's bloody crazy! I don't mind the cost of treatment, I would just like to have a doctor than can help. I live in the midlands.

ZZMum Thu 15-Mar-07 09:28:50

try Midland fertility services -- I used them for some tests and found them really helpful

rahrah1 Thu 15-Mar-07 09:29:38


WeaselMum Thu 15-Mar-07 09:51:07

Hi rahrah1 - so sorry to hear what happened with your baby. Perhaps someone will put me right but afaik IUI would not make a difference to problems with implantation - it is basically is just a way of getting the sperm into the womb directly so it doesn't have so far to travel to meet the egg, if you see what I mean? It's really the same as if you conceived naturally.

I hope that you have some luck finding a clinic - it must be so frustrating for you. best of luck with everything

suejonez Thu 15-Mar-07 09:53:02

I tired for 6 months with IUI and it didn't work for me but did for other people I know. It isn;t normally recommended unless there's a known problem like hostile mucous IIRC?

rahrah1 Thu 15-Mar-07 11:05:22

Thanks everyone... I telephones the clinic and did some research on it that ZZMum suggested... gave them a call and they will send some stuff out to me. I think if we don't get anywhere at our next NHS appointment we would book an appointment at a private clinic to discuss our options further.

dogtired Thu 15-Mar-07 11:40:49

Aw, sorry SM, best of luck for this cycle though!

RR - so sorry to hear about that - good luck with Midland Fertility Services.

SJ - did you have success with a different procedure? Do you know why IUI's not normally recommended?

LiliAnjelika Thu 15-Mar-07 13:31:20

Just wanted to add that I had a really good experience with the Assisted Conception UNit at the University College Hospital London. I live in Cardiff but I found it worth travelling for as their success rates are amongst the highest in the country and the waiting list is not too long. Also I found that they gave you a lot of information - for instance before each IUI they discussed the quality of the semen with me etc. THis wasn't the case with the previous clinic I used. It took five cycles as I mentioned previously but it was in no way an unpleasant experience.

rarah1 - I'm so sorry about your pregnancy loss. Sounds like you definitley need fresh advice and a new clinic. Also I was 35 conceiving my first child through IUI so don't worry. My feeling is that there's quite a lot of hype and scaremongering about the post 35 thing.

dogtired Fri 16-Mar-07 11:10:38

Hi LA, I just called the ACU at UCL, and they were unable to give me the success rate figures for IUI. Don't suppose you know what they are do you, for a woman of 37?

The IUI success rates at the clinic I'm using for a woman of my age is not great at 15% with husband's sperm and it also cost between £1,500 and £2k per cycle!!!!!!

Maybe I should go elsewhere? Anyone know of which clinic has good IUI success rates in London or Surrey?

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