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Christmas over! Anyone else TTC #2?

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Songsandstitches Fri 01-Jan-16 14:55:39

Just that really! We had a lovely DD aged 22 months and are feeling ready to try for a second DC. It took 5 cycles to get pregnant last time (both aged 30) albeit with 3 chemical pregnancies along the way. I'm now 33 and something tells me it will take me forever this time. I'm less fit now and we have a very boisterous DD who tires us out so DTD is far less appealing than life pre DD! I'd love to hear from anyone else in the same position so we can help each other along the way... Here's to a baby filled 2016!! X

Seacrown Fri 01-Jan-16 18:59:03

Can I please join?
I'm 31 and trying to conceive #2, cycle #2 starting today. Lost our son at 25+3 in October and desperate for 2016 to be a better year for us. How are your cycles usually?
Happy 2016 X

Songsandstitches Fri 01-Jan-16 21:48:18

I'm so so sorry to hear that. 2016 has to be a better year for you. I hope you have had some good support to help you through? One of my best friends found the SANDS forum invaluable when her son was stillborn.

Wishing you every success on your tourney TTC again. How long did it take with your son? X

Bikey86 Fri 01-Jan-16 22:11:10

Hi both,
We are also TTC # 2, cycle #2, already have a 23 month old DS. Came off the pill in September but took a few months for my cycles to get back to normal. I think it only took 2 cycles to get preg first time round but as you said songs it a bit more difficult getting round to DTD this time round!

So sorry for your loss sea flowers

Wishing you both the very best of luck.

Where are you both up to in your cycles, I think I am CD 15 and have only managed to DTD today (first time in a week) oops.

Sheep2345 Fri 01-Jan-16 22:38:53

Great group, perfect for me!
DD born May 2013.
Had coil taken out in November, missed ovulation that month so officially on cycle two.
Due to ovulate in the next few days and test on 18th January.
FX for us all, let's hope we all have our 2016 babies for next Christmas smile

Seacrown Fri 01-Jan-16 22:50:38

Thank you so much both of you for your kind words. We've had some wonderful support from both the hospitals we were in, it has given us a lot of faith in the nhs to be honest. Just taking each day as it comes but we both feel strongly that we need to start trying again.

The new year is a new start indeed for us as today is cycle day 1. So it will be great to go through it with you, I feel like I drive myself crazy symptom spotting! It only took two cycles with Jonah but tbh I think it was good luck rather than careful planning.

What do you use to help chart? I tried opks last time but never got a positive (must have though, with the baby and all!hmm) the cycle that has just finished, I charted my bbt and it seems pretty standard from what I've read about them-dip at menstruation (which indicated its arrival today) , dip at ovulation and increase sustained until period. What do you find useful/helpful/drives you insane?

Thank you, lovely to hear from you both!smilexx

Seacrown Fri 01-Jan-16 22:54:29

Hi sheep!smile
Nice to meet you!
How are you charting everything? Any tips?
Also, having done way too much reading up recently, I think I'm spinning my head about when to bd. Last month we DTD o-1 and on the day of, but fertility friend indicated this was only OK in chances. Am I right in thinking every other day after period is best? I read that it ensures there is always sperm ready for whenever the egg is released but I've read so much I get confused as to what to believe sometimes X

teddybearsbear Fri 01-Jan-16 23:03:07

Hi ladies can I join you. I have a wonderful ds who is only 6 months old but my dh and I are both keen for a big family and don't want big age gaps we said that once Christmas was out of the way we would start trying. I am still breastfeeding and haven't had a period since ds was born but he is now starting on solids so fingers crossed things should get back to normal soon

I am 32 and it only took us two months to get pregnant last time, I'm worried it won't be so easy second time around and am glad there are others out there for support!

ohidoliketobe Fri 01-Jan-16 23:04:26

Ohh I'm in.
DS is 18 months. Took 5 months to conceive him, but did it the first month using OPKs, turns out I ovulate quite late in my cycle.

This time. Been off pill since mid Oct and cycles have been all over the place. 36 days, 25 days. I'm currently on day 29 of this cycle and feeling and little bit optimistic but have promised I'm not testing until Monday morning (cycles averaged out at 30 days last time).

This sounds mental and is almost 100% me symptom spotting.. BUT.. the month I conceived DS, a few days after ovulation I had a horrible cramp in lower abdomen. A real shooting pain, stitch type of thing for about half an hour, then cramps for the next day. I've had it again this month a few days after I reckon I would have ovulated and I'm wondering if it was implantation cramps...

But as I said. Definetly not testing until Monday morning, oh no. <eyes the pregnancy test in bathroom cabinet >

Sorry for your loss sea I hope 2016 is happier for you x

kittyvet Fri 01-Jan-16 23:08:13

Please can I join in too? TTC #2 and on cycle 2 too! DD is now 14mths. Need to get a wriggle on as I turn 40 this year. It took me a year to get pregnant the first time but actually with hubbie away a lot it was less cycles than that. I chart and use a fertility monitor. The low tech way is EOD seacrown. Have you googles sperm meets egg? Some of the ladies on the January bus are doing that. But with a DC it's quite challenging to find the time!!

Seacrown Fri 01-Jan-16 23:08:35

Hi ladies!
Symptom spotting is a pain, but that does sound promising! Keeping everything crossed for you!
How many dpo are you/were you when you had the cramping? I read 6-12 for implantation is the norm if that helps?!?
Which opks did you use ladies? Do you find they generally work better than other methods or alongside?

ohidoliketobe Fri 01-Jan-16 23:09:37

Also, sea, my friend is undergoing fertility treatment and she advised to dtd at least every other day, ideally daily. And not just when she thought she was ovulating. She's sure her DH paid the specialist to say that however grin.

I really feel for my friend. She conceived her first baby nor problems and has been ttc #2 since I started ttc DS - nearly 3 years ago now. My DS is only 18 months but the number of people I've heard struggle #2 has given me and DH a bit of a kick up the arse to crack on with extending our family. You can't just assume you won't hit any issues just because your first was relatively straightforward

ohidoliketobe Fri 01-Jan-16 23:14:28

It's hard to say as I haven't used OPKs this time, we dtd about 2/3 days post ov i reckon then got the cramping 3 days later . When conceived DS, cramps were 4 days post ovulation so maybe.

The OPKs I used last time were a cheapo bunch off eBay or amazon. I swear by them as the first time I used them I conceived DS. As I said previous post, my cycle was average 30 days and I was ovulating around day 19/20 according to the OPKs that month

Seacrown Fri 01-Jan-16 23:15:41

Daily?!? Better sign up for the gym too to get my levels up oh hehe! I've heard that as well from close friends, second one being much trickier. Support is going to be key I think. Kitty I've not heard of that but I'll get a googling! Thank you so much! It's really lovely to hear all your stories, thank you for sharing! I truly wish you all bfps as soon as possible!smile

Songsandstitches Sat 02-Jan-16 07:48:22

Welcome ladies! Lovely to hear from you all. Best of luck to us all. I use the clue app. My cycles are v regular so I think this should be enough for me for now. I'm on day 9 of my cycle so can start trying soon. It scares me how long it might take but I am trying not to be as obsessed as last time as I am a sure the extra pressure didn't help! Good luck all xx

Cric Sat 02-Jan-16 09:11:15

This tread has come at the right time! Our DD is 22months and we were so lucky, DTD once and it worked. We have been TTC since September and I thought I would be having an alchol free christmas .... Not so. Now I am driving myself crazy and can't stop wondering how long it will take! Sea I am so sorry about how hard you've had it. 2016 has to be better for you. flowers

Cric Sat 02-Jan-16 09:11:58

Thread not tread

Bikey86 Sat 02-Jan-16 09:19:20

Aww Sea Jonah is a lovely name. Wishing you all the very best for your bfp very soon.
I'm just using the Ovia App and trying to DTD more. I never used anything else the first time round and trying to keep as relaxed as possible. However if a few months pass by with no bfp I might try OPK's.

It's interesting what ohido said about DTD every day if possible because I heard this can reduce sperm quality!! Too much conflicting advice!!!

Finallyonboard Sat 02-Jan-16 09:21:12

Me! I'm starting IVF this year. Can I join? flowers

Cric Sat 02-Jan-16 09:22:51

We have been DTD every other day.. Now I don't know if that is enough haha!

RememberToSmile1980 Sat 02-Jan-16 10:56:39

Can I join please!
I have one DS aged 3. He was conceived without any problems on the 1st month of trying.
I was 31 when I conceived and 32 when I had him.
I have just turned 35 and would like to ttc no.2 this year! However I am already doing overtime in my head - as I know so much more than before!?!? Ignorance was bliss the first time around smile

Cric Sat 02-Jan-16 11:27:31

Remember I know what you mean!

Purplerain067 Sat 02-Jan-16 14:40:05

Hi everyone,
Can I join?

I'm 25, ttc #2, I have a DD who is 4 and 3 DSC.

I conceived straight away with DD but am on cycle day 36 of my third long cycle, don't feel as lucky this time.

I think it may have something to do with my weight, so I will be trying to bring that down around 4/5 stone! this year also!

KitKat1985 Sat 02-Jan-16 15:53:48

Hi all. Can I join? DD is nearly 16 months and I'm coming off the pill at the end of this week (stayed on for the last of the festive drinking days)! I am excited and I do want a second, but I have to admit sometimes I remember the morning sickness, the labour, and the sleepless nights and I think 'what the hell am I doing'?! Looking back I think I had PND after DD and didn't cope very well, so going back to the baby days scares me as well. Please reassure me I'm not alone in these thoughts! My only reassurance is that I think I have learnt a lot from having DD, and I think I'm more realistic second time around (I stupidly thought before I had DD that I'd have loads of time to chill during my maternity leave. Haha)! I have always wanted two though, and think in the long term I'll regret it if we don't go for it (and I think the longer I put it off for the more reluctant I'm going to be to go back to the baby days). I also know that both me and DH are in our 30's can't put it off forever if we do want a second.

I'm sorry to hear of your loss last year SeaCrown. x

Songsandstitches Sat 02-Jan-16 16:26:46

Welcome newcomers. Everyone is welcome here. Love hearing everyone else's stories. Xx

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