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pregnancy test

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tryingnottoworry Tue 18-Jul-06 17:17:38

please can somebody advise as to which is the best pregnancy test? eg not too expensive (how much are they anyway??) but the most accurate. also am I too early to test? I have been off the pill due to health reasons for 3 months and had two 28 day cycle, but now I am 3 days late and really getting panicky. We have use other contraception so it's quite unlikely that I am pregnant but I have to put my mind at rest, I really cannot be pregnant at this time. Big apologies to all those who ttc, I'm sorry this is really insensitive but its my personal situation.

tryingnottoworry Tue 18-Jul-06 17:22:07

please can anybody let me know? Thankyou.

NatalieJane Tue 18-Jul-06 17:27:42

Firstly don't worry, especially if you have been using other safe methods of contraception, the chances of you being pregnant are very low.

Even though you have had two 'regular' periods since coming off the pill, this doesn't mean that there won't be the odd late period. Can you remember how long your cycle was before you went on the pill?

Lastly if you really do still want to have your mind put at rest, I would advise a clear blue test (you can get them from around £8-ish) but shop own brands would probably give a very accurate result by this point if you are pregnant.

Good luck

tryingnottoworry Tue 18-Jul-06 17:28:01

nobody talking tonight? I feel like crying, I'm so scared to do a test why else could it be late this time?

tryingnottoworry Tue 18-Jul-06 17:30:05

thankyou nataliejane, sorry crossed with your post. I was fairly regular before pill but that was a few years ago now.

NatalieJane Tue 18-Jul-06 17:47:16

If you have been stressed out this can effect your cycle, also health and general fitness, a lot of people put some weight on after the pill, could it be down to this?

Sometimes periods are just late, full stop.

Don't worry - this could further delay a period. Go and get a pregnancy test, and a bottle of red and do the test and then relax with the wine!

(P.S. Tesco/Asda etc. will all have pregnancy tests)

cece Tue 18-Jul-06 21:09:39

Tesco are fairly cheap and were good for me.

NatalieJane Tue 18-Jul-06 21:21:07

Any news?

tryingnottoworry Thu 20-Jul-06 12:47:02

still here, still no period
I did a Loyds pharmacy own test on Tuesday that said 99.9% accuracy and it was negative
so where is my period????
I have got the usual PMT and a few spots, and a few stomach cramps but no period
when do I start really worrying??

tryingnottoworry Thu 20-Jul-06 12:59:25

has anyone else had dodgy period cycles after coming off the pill?

eenywifemum Thu 20-Jul-06 13:23:50

Make an appointment with your GP in a couple of days if you still havent got a period.

sallywoo Thu 20-Jul-06 13:34:54

I came off the pill in july last year. Had three cycles all 28 days. fourth cycle I was late, and did several tests but negative. af then came on day 31 and has done ever since. try not to worry to much as this can make you later, it is probably just your body getting into you old cycle.

tryingnottoworry Thu 20-Jul-06 13:37:16

eenywifemum do you mean see GP for another pregnancy test?

eenywifemum Thu 20-Jul-06 13:41:20

well the GP for anything really - to either discuss where your missing period has gone or to give you another test. Although my GP wont do pregnancy tests as she says the store bought ones are just as good. But they might test you if you are still late.

I doubt you have anything to worry about though, it is probably just your cylcle sorting itself out.

hotmama Thu 20-Jul-06 13:45:36

tryingnottoworry - I'd make an appt at the docs. It may be that your cycle is a bit messed up but it could be that you are pregnant- which you have said you don't want to be case. So if you are it's best to see the GP about arranging a termination etc - better sooner than later.

As you say in your original post that it is unlikely that you are pregnant but you must have a nagging doubt that you may be - get yourself to the GP if AF hasn't arrived in the next couple of days.

(Not meaning to worry you but negative tests can be wrong - you could have tested too soon. There are loads of mners who had negative tests when pregnant - I am one of them.)

tryingnottoworry Thu 20-Jul-06 13:53:19

thankyou for all your advise, I will see if it arrives by the weekend
ironic isn't it, normally I'm p'd off when period arrives!

eenywifemum Thu 20-Jul-06 14:34:01

let us know the outcome!

tryingnottoworry Mon 24-Jul-06 10:07:37

well I've stil not had a period so I'm going to see if I can make a doc's appointment this week. I have done 3 tests now, all negative, tried in the morning too as that is supposed to be a better hormone level but still negative. They were clear blue ones so supposed to be good.
Peroid is 9 days late now so I'm a bit confused to I'm going to see what the doctor says.
Has anyone just completeley missed a period for no reason and then come on as normal next time?

tryingnottoworry Mon 24-Jul-06 10:42:18

appointment booked now for Thursday morning, that is the earlierst I could get

tryingnottoworry Mon 24-Jul-06 10:48:09

its the waiting that's doing my head in the most I think

tryingnottoworry Mon 24-Jul-06 10:54:32

and the fact that I'm talking to myself oh well I'll shut up now

eenywifemum Mon 24-Jul-06 14:49:52

I have a friend who was 16 days late - preg test said negative - and then she came on and her cycle just readjusted itself. Good luck at the docs!!

Nicola63 Mon 24-Jul-06 14:55:50

I have just been to my gynae after my period was over 2 weeks late and I had done a pg test every day, all negative. Was very worried. It turned out to be a cyst on my ovary, immediately seen on ultrasound, that was causing the problem, a very common and non-dengerous situation. I was given an HCG injection and things should now return to normal, with AF expected 2 weeks after the injection.

This might be the case with you, ask for an ultrasound.

Nicola63 Mon 24-Jul-06 14:56:41

sorry should say non-dangerous!!

tryingnottoworry Mon 24-Jul-06 15:23:04

funny that you should say that nicola, I have got a cyst on my ovary (I only know as I have been having scans in preparation for egg harvesting), but I was not aware that this could have an affect my periods, I will deffo mention this to the doctor on Thursday. They have called the cyst a functional cyst so its also not dangerous but was quite large.
Thankyou for your responses.

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