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Teetering on the edge of the 2ww September bus PART 5

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wispaxmas Tue 24-Sep-13 10:41:43

Thought I would start up a new bus before the old one stalls, so ho aboard!

BFPs so far

14 BFPs

Awaiting BFPs
JosiePosiePuddingAndPie ttc#2, cycle2, bfp 1st
PinkHat1 ttc#1, cycle2, bfp 1st
Widget88 ttc#1, cycle3, bfp 4th
Chubbykitty ttc#1, cycle3, bfp 5th
Bloumermaid ttc#1, cycle?, bfp 6th
RaRaZ ttc#1, cycle4, bfp 7th
Positivementakattitude ttc#1, cycle2, bfp 7th
Dontsqueezetheteabag ttc#1, cycle1, bfp 10th
MrsHende ttc#2, cycle11, bfp 10th
blamber ttc#1, cycle1, bfp 13th
Toffeecrispyum ttc#2, cycle1, bfp 14th
Worried ttc#2, cycle18, bfp 19th
Jessieagain ttc#2, cycle1, bfp 20th
coco808 ttc#1, cycle2, bfp 21st
Fox82 ttc#1, cycle10, bfp 21st
dutchss ttc#1, cycle3, bfp 21st
chattychattyboomba ttc#?, cycle2, bfp 22nd
PinkHat1 ttc#1, cycle3, bfp 22nd
Purplegeekygirl ttc#2, cycle14, bfp 22nd
Bambi27 ttc#2, cycle10, bfp 24th
crazylady2013 ttc#1, cycle2, bfp 24th
NottaLotta ttc#1, cycle3, bfp 24th
Pocopearl ttc#2, cycle1, bfp 25th
ImaginaryHat ttc#1, cycle5, bfp 25th
ExactlyWhat ttc#3, cycle1, bfp 25th
Breakingbadaddict ttc#1, cycle3, bfp 25th
cheesysmile ttc#1, cycle 3, bfp 26th
Greenface ttc#1, cycle2, bfp 26th
onelifeonechance ttc#1, cycle3, bfp 26th
mama31 ttc#2, cycle3, bfp 27th
fifi669 ttc#2, cycle6, bfp 28th
Daisychain44 ttc#2, cycle7, bfp 28th
Monkette ttc#?, cycle?, bfp 28th
MrsB2013 ttc#1, cycle2, bfp 28th
NeuroticSweetTalk ttc#1, cycle1, bfp 28th
Millymolly01 ttc#2, cycle3, bfp 28th
GillyBillyWilly ttc#1, cycle4, bfp 29th
DisneyDiva87 ttc#1, cycle4, bfp 29th
Armylovin ttc#2, cycle8, bfp 30th
Lucyfluff ttc#4, cycle2, bfp 30th
Refoca ttc#2, cycle1, bfp 30th
Willows tree ttc#2, cycle1, bfp?
Theborrower ttc#2, cycle2, bfp?
M33r ttc#1, cycle9, bfp?
Seatfor5 ttc#4, cycle5, bfp?
internationallove985 ttc#?, cycle?, bfp?
ThoraNomiki ttc#2, cycle3, bfp?
Rockyroller123 ttc#1, cycle2, bfp?
BlueC2 ttc#?, cycle?, bfp?
Lulubelle26 ttc#1 cycle3, bfp?
Pencilsandprams ttc#2, cycle4, bfp?

wispaxmas Tue 24-Sep-13 16:59:51

Did you use OPKs or track temps or cm?

If you have a normal LP, you could have ov'd as early as CD10 or as late as CD16, but that's not taking into account the potential for a short LP or extra long LP. It's helpful to at least keep track of when you have fertile cm, even if you don't want to go all out tracking.

MrsB2013 Tue 24-Sep-13 17:07:06

Im defo out sad

Af has started properly after 2 days of spotting, so a 28 day cycle this time. Last month was 30 days with 5 days spotting, so I'm hoping my cycles are ok after coming off the pill.

I've ordered some cb opk's with the smiley flashy faces for next month. Can anyone recommend what thermometer I need to try and track temp? I have a good feeling for next month, 3rd month lucky!! FX

MrsB2013 Tue 24-Sep-13 17:07:57

I'm going to hang around here to see all the bfps at the end of the week!!

GillyBillyWilly Tue 24-Sep-13 17:20:36

Marking space although very quiet this week... Work has taken over my life!!!!! shockshockshock

GillyBillyWilly Tue 24-Sep-13 17:21:33

By the way is the list up to date??!

lucyfluff Tue 24-Sep-13 17:28:49

Good luck for nxt mnth MrsB - I have no idea re sure someone wise on here will.

Could you link the opks you bought please. Im getting ready for next cycle smile

ELR Tue 24-Sep-13 17:32:45

mrsb think I going to order some opks too and would also be interested in the best thermometer if anybody has any advice. Hoping for 3rd time lucky for me next month too!
gilly I'm still not on there please can someone e add me or tell me how to do it.
ELR ttc#3, cycle 2, BFP 26th.

Refoca Tue 24-Sep-13 17:38:29

Sorry to hear you're out, Notta and MrsB :-( fingers crossed you have a better bus ride on the October Express.

I'm still staying firm, no poas here...though that's mostly down to pre-AF symptoms now, so I figure I'll know tomorrow anyway.

mama31 Tue 24-Sep-13 17:47:25

Sorry to hear that mrsb!!! Good luck on the next bus!!

Gilly how you doing?? Have you poas yet?? So much willpower going on.....well not mine but pretty much everyone else!!

MrsB2013 Tue 24-Sep-13 17:55:00

Lucy and ELR these are the ones I've bought, they are expensive but cheaper than in the shops

(hope the link works)

cheesysmile Tue 24-Sep-13 17:56:18

Sorry af got you notta and mrsb.

I temp and just got a bbt one from amazon, think the make is babymed or something like that. Seems to work for me.

Glad ur holding out m33r, if you do I will ... deal?

Symptom spotting been going on all day in my head and I've even been thinking abt how im going to test on Friday. Think gonna pee in a pot so i can double dip if i need to! grin

MrsB2013 Tue 24-Sep-13 17:57:24

mama and gilly I hope you both get your bfp this month!

I think if I did ov it was on cd14, as had stomach pains that day, cycle before was cd17 with same pains.

mama31 Tue 24-Sep-13 18:16:56

Awh thanks mrsb! Best of luck!!

m33r Tue 24-Sep-13 18:25:01

Cheesey I am hanging in there but def double dipping on fri - IC and CB dig on stand-by.

Yes ovulation can be nuts!!! I strongly recommend opk sticks. What I do to save money and because I did it all month as I was all over the place as used IC which detect 20mi. As soon as you get a faint line you know it's coming and see it darken. As it hits the same colour as the test line, I double dip using a cb dig (40mi). That way I know that the surge is in the smiley but I haven't spent a fortune. Then the smiley will go away, you can go back to IC to see it gradually fade out...

At least that's my strategy with money sving advice included!


wispaxmas Tue 24-Sep-13 18:38:42

MrsB, this is the thermometer I have:

cheesysmile Tue 24-Sep-13 18:45:07

ha ha m33r thats exactly what I have! If i get a line i want to be able to confirm with a digi. Or i may even do both at the same time ... Is that crazy?

Ahhh roll on Friday!

Good luck to everyone testing tomorrow ... Mama you trying again tomorrow?

m33r Tue 24-Sep-13 18:59:25

No more crazy than me cheesey.

Wishing my life away here... Thinking its nearly tomorrow then it'll be thurs then I can poas !!

Nottalotta Tue 24-Sep-13 19:10:10

Ah thanks everyone. I feel ok but rather grumpy and bought two bottles of wine on the way home. smile

I hope you all get bfps but will miss your chat if you do!! Will lurk here til the bitter end.

Nottalotta Tue 24-Sep-13 19:11:05

I also bought period pants and sanitary towels. Less than pleased with that!!

m33r Tue 24-Sep-13 19:12:49

Enjoy the wine Notta and sorry AF arrived!

mama31 Tue 24-Sep-13 19:26:22

Awh notta.....I will so be buying 2 (or 3) bottles of wine if I get a bfn by Friday!! You enjoy every drop of it and you are perfectly entitled to feel grumpy until af leaves.....then you pick yourself up and get on with round 4! Ding ding!!! Oh and I hope you do lurk til the bitter end....we all love hearing from you! Enjoy the wine!! And hopefully you won't need those period pants next month ;)

Cheesy yes I'm testing again point lying...I just have to test every day now!! I need to know ASAP!!!! The worst thing is I've convinced myself tonight that this is it for me....I don't even know why....all I have is lots of wind (tmi) and a very full feeling in my tummy (that'll be the wind). Not had anymore nausea today but I do feel rough in a hard to explain belly is a bit achey....would remind me of the feeling you eat something that doesn'tma maagreewith you...but its not that!! m

mama31 Tue 24-Sep-13 19:27:02

Was saying...maybe its the onset of a tummy bug....feels similar :/

m33r Tue 24-Sep-13 19:40:17

Mama. I felt it was for me this month but I'm starting to doubt myself! I hope we both are as when you think you are / might be, a BFN is a harder hit! FX. I look in first thing in morn for your result even if I don't post - rushing around in the morning!

onelifeonechance Tue 24-Sep-13 19:42:11

Evening all smile

Sorry af got you notta&mrsb, enjoy your consolatory wine, throw in some chocs, ice cream and warm bubble baths to boot - all thoroughly deserved and required, then loads of luck and baby dust for next month!

I may be doing the above myself v soon, have had af cramps on and off all day, the witch is due today and think she's about to come knockin, have spent my entire day going to the loo to check, my toilet roll consumption has rocketed, another unexpected cost to this ttc business!

mama31 Tue 24-Sep-13 19:45:20

M33R thanks...I know I'm always checking in to see who's the next bfp!! Really hope you get your bfp, you have waited long enough for it and totally deserve it!! And you seem so patient as well, compared to me going nuts on cycle 3! Lol would love to see your bfp!!!

Are you feeling a lot different this cycle?? I feel a lot different to last cycle and the one before that I was just all over the place after coming off the pill so can't really compare it. But I had no cramps at all last cycle prior to stomach is not good this time...I'm hoping its due to my bfp on the way and not a real nasty af that is causing cramps way before its arrival :/

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