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PCOS and ttc!

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KylieP Sun 13-May-12 21:02:40

Someone just suggested setting up a PCOS and ttc thread - I'm on the June ttc thread but would love to hear from other PCOS'ers too!

queenofthefairies Sun 13-May-12 21:16:21


Im on the June TTC thread too... but I have PCOS and trying to conceive also. I have told my story in other posts so as not to bore people I will just summarise where im at with it all.....
Im on my 3rd cycle of clomid... got pregnant but miscarried on my 2nd cycle due to (from my research) insulin resistance associated with PCOS... started a low GI, no caffeine diet to try and get that under wraps....

Good to know theres others in the same position!

spottypyjamas Sun 13-May-12 21:35:49

Hello both of u, hope i'm ok to join.

Brief summary: Recent PCOS diagnosis, came off bc 9 months ago, TTC #1 only on cycle 3, but how people cope with this long term god knows! Cycles vary between 31 and 43 days, on day 43 now (no AF no bfp). Driving myself mad now, just wanna know one way or the other, if AF turns up at least i know where i stand and i can get on with the next cycle. Using hpt's all the time must buy more as unable to give this habit up and imaging symptoms. Annoying myself so god knows what im doing to dh!

Nice to read other's stories and realise i'm not the only one xx

KylieP Sun 13-May-12 21:48:14

Definitely come and join! We're in the same boat, I'm on CD38 and going a bit crazy! Fourth cycle of trying for me, ttc #1 too. What's an hpt by the way, is that an ovulation stick? I didn't think they worked for PCOS'ers? x

spottypyjamas Sun 13-May-12 22:01:19

hpt= home pregenancy test. i need to hide them really, negative after negative isnt helping my mood!

Yeah i have heard that about ov sticks but i think im gonna try a month with them, as havent used them consistently before (just got negatives) and am interested to see what it does show. Been temping for a couple of cycles but this is just all over the place and annoying me more than anything so might give that up 4 a while. x

Jodidi Sun 13-May-12 22:09:23

Can I come and join? I'm not officially ttc but want to get myself prepared for when I persuade dp that he does want another child.

Summary of me: I have 2 children already, dd1 was a surprise when I was 20 and is now 12. Dd2 was planned and took 2 years ttc, 1 year after coming of the contraceptive injection I was diagnosed with pcos which explains a massive amount about my previous medical history. She is now 2. When I was ttc dd2 I changed my diet to low GI, did loads of exercise, lost 2 stone, had reflexology, and changed my toiletries to SLS free ones. Once she was here I stopped doing all that and went back to my old eating habits.

I had a surprise bfp in early March and was thrilled to bits (dp wasn't). Miscarried at 12 weeks over Easter. I'm convinced that this was because I wasn't controlling my pcos like I know how, although nobody medical has confirmed or denied this. I wasn't doing all the things I had been when I was ttc dd2, as we weren't trying for a baby, I was eating rubbish, was back up to my 'normal' (overweight) weight. Like I say, I am convinced this is why I miscarried. Dp thinks I'm paranoid and it's just one of those things.

I've just had first af since the mc. I don't know what my cycles are doing, as I have only had 3 since dd2 was born 2 years ago. I'm still bf, not sure if that makes any difference to pcos hormones and ttc or not. I am about to start temping and charting to try and get a picture of what my cycles are like. I also need to stop the comfort eating as my diet at the minute is mostly chocolate blush with a minimal attempt at eating some vegetables.

KylieP Mon 14-May-12 22:27:51

I'm not a chocoholic at all so no probs there, but I do like a glass of wine! I wasn't sure if I could control my PCOS as I'm lean (slim), does anyone know if it's still controllable? Sorry about your mc jodidi. Good to hear about PCOSers with kids though, gives me hope! On day 38 now, still no proper AF and spotting for over a week...what's going on?! Has anyone ever had anything like this?

LittleMissSnowShine Mon 14-May-12 23:45:10

Just marking my place - I'll be back to post my story (hee) 2moro when i've got a bit more time! Glad we've got our very own secret (lol) pcos club on MN, a refuge from feeling odd because we don't know if or when our 2WW is ever about to begin!!

MooleyWooleyShamaLamaDingDong Tue 15-May-12 08:57:52

Hello ladies.........may I please join?

I was diagnosed with PCOS last October. Have been TTC #1 for over 12 months now; have had all the blood tests, transvaginal ultrasound, HSG and waiting to see my consultant in June to get Clomid.

I have had 2 periods since starting TTC and my cycles range from 23-77 days at the moment.......I clearly don't ovulate and it's starting to make me really sad.

The HSG did clear everything out and I managed to lay an egg the same month (I chart/check CM and CP so know for definite i ovulated). Plus, I got my first ever positive that same month, only to lose it very early. Was devastating but have to pick myself up, dust myself down and look to the future.

Jodidi and Queen really sorry for your losses. Hope that this thread will help us to all share experiences and advice for such a trying condition.

LittleMissSnowShine Tue 15-May-12 10:13:14

Ok so my PCOS/ttc story goes like this:

I never had v regular cycles when I was a teenager but I was on the pill from the ages of 16 - 20, until I started to get really interested in alternative medicine / diet / my general health and I wondered whether my cycles would regulate themselves now I was a bit older.

After I came off the pill in 2004 things were still pretty irregular but I didn't have a lot of other pcos symptoms. I then had a suspected mc / chemical preg in Jan 2005 which led to a very heavy bleed and a real load of symptoms appeared - bad skin, my hair started falling out, rapid weight gain, heavy bleeding...real nightmare in other words!!

My blood profile results were inconclusive, though, and I was moving to a different city / starting a new job so I didn't really follow up on things and anyway, after about 10 months of really watching my diet and cutting back on drinking (i'd just finished being a full-time student so my drinking up til then had been fairly heavy lol) things improved a lot symptom-wise for me. So it was only a few years later, in Jan 2009 that I finally got a proper diagnosis after a new GP sent me to the gynae clinic at our local hospital who gave me an ultrasound and picked up the cysts. Metformin/clomid were suggested then but I was getting married in June 09 so I thought I'd rather wait and see if something happened naturally for us before starting on the drugs.

Spent the next 8 or 9 months eating healthily, exercising, having reflexology once a month and taking agnus castus and cycles became a bit more regular towards end of 2009 but I had a hospital appt for Jan 2010 and I assumed I'd probably need to take fertility drugs to kickstart OV. Got preg early Dec 2009, complete shock, had DS in Aug 2010.

Now I'm 28, just started ttc #2 (this is my third cycle), at the minute i'm completely au natural, just taking agnus castus again and trying to cut out or really cut back on sugar, caffeine, alcohol and dairy. Last two cycles have been really erratic though and I'm seeing my GP this Friday to see about getting referred back to the hospital for clomid etc. Hoping to give the whole trying naturally thing a go for next couple of months while I wait on an appointment though...

Sorry, long post, but that's me finished!! Like a lot of ladies, I've got the Collette Harris book and I'd also really recommend the Zita West 'How to Get Pregnant' one, full of great tips and practical reassurance and stuff.

KylieP Tue 15-May-12 15:08:40

oh mooley I read your post with tears in my eyes sad it is just so sad and I'm so sorry about the mc but you did lay an egg (love that phrase!) so it is possible and it will happen for both of us. How old are you? Also what is HSG?

snowshine I'm starting to think there is something to this diet/booze business. I love my wine and holidays coming up, it's just not realistic to cut it out totally but I'm really going to try and watch it and then cut down a lot from July onwards. Has anyone else noticed improved PCOS symptoms after changing diet/cutting down on the vino? I love the part of your story where you got pg, gives me so much hope smile

Can I also ask a disgusting personal questions - has anyone ever had thick browney discharge for days, not a proper period though?

HettyTurner Tue 15-May-12 15:20:11

Hello! Please can I join you too. It is really nice to have a place for us PCOSers to share. I feel better just reading your stories.

My story is never had regular cycles, went on pill at 18 until I got married at 24. Came off pill, no AF for 6 months. Went to Dr and was told to wait a year, and I had 1 AF in the next 6 months. Finally got referred and was given metformin after having scans and blood tests. Had 1 AF in the 3 months to next appointment when I got a perscription for clomid and was told to wait a few weeks then take a HPT before taking progesterone to induce a bleed. I got a BFP and DD was born in the May. She's 2 next week (I can't really believe it).

So started TTC#2 last Feb, when my cycles returned and were 33 days every time (I was amazed) but checking temps showed I wasn't oving. Managed to get metformin from my GP in August and after increasing the dose, losing weight (which is sooo much easier on Met) and exercising regularly I got a BFP in Jan. It was a blighted ovum though, which we found out at the scan. Then 6 weeks after the MC had another BFP, but it was only a chemical and AF turned up a week later than normal.

GP suggested waiting until September before referring me to get clomid this time, it'll be 18month TTC. She said that it's normally a 2 year wait to get referred when you already have children. I'm not too worried becasue we've managed it 3 times now. I'm sure we can do it again, FX.

I use a CBFM (bought on ebay second hand because they say not to use them if you have PCOS, but I thought that it might so if I was oving) and it really helps provided I have a cycle less than 42 days. I just got a peak this morning on CD19, earliest EVER woop!

MooleyWooleyShamaLamaDingDong Tue 15-May-12 15:27:24

Hi Kylie i'm 30 and DH is 31, so we have got time, but it is starting to run out grin. A HSG is where they put a catheter into the cervix and force a dye through so that the tubes can be seen on an X-Ray. They then take some x-rays of the tubes and general wombage area to see if they are clear.

I am not going to lie; it was an horrendous experience, really painful, but not only are my tubes clear, it also allowed me to lay an egg grin I think it didn't stick because I have had months of my uterine lining thickening in preparation for a baby/period but not getting much of either and therefore the lining has just been getting thicker and thicker. I then get pg, the bean can't burrow in, and everything gets cleared out (i had the most horrendous AF 2 days late)

And yes, I can get the thick brown discharge or it can sometimes be very very light and kind of pinky/browny. Again, probably because i don't ovulate.

I am thinking that I am currently on 11dpo today, but it might be 6dpo, it might be more and it might be anovultory. Ah, the joys of PCOS!!!

I too have just bought a couple of Collette Harris books. I find it very difficult to diet/cut out drinking Kylie but am starting to think that i need to.

Jodidi Tue 15-May-12 15:43:24

Mooley I'm so sorry you are getting so sad, and very sorry you lost your first pregnancy, it's completely shit isn't it? It took me 2 years to fall pg with dd2 but I did it and so can you. Have you tried changing your diet/lifestyle? I got an ebook Power over PCOS and followed the steps in there as soon as I was diagnosed. I had been trying for about 18 months by that point and had only had 1 period in the whole 18 months. Within 2 months I had started having regular periods, my third cycle I ov'd, fourth cycle I fell pg but lost it very early (if I hadn't done an early test i would never have known it wasn't just a period) then the 5th cycle we fell pg with dd2 (normal healthy pregnancy)

Kylie Like I've just said, I really do think there is something to this diet/booze stuff. I don't think the advice is drastically different if you are lean (I am not, I have been overweight ever since I had dd1 12 years ago) as the changes in diet/lifestyle are as much to regulate hormones as they are to lose weight. I wouldn't have done as much if it was just about weight as I am not that bothered about being fat, I can live with it. And yes, in the past i have had that thick brown discharge for a few days without a period, but not for a few years now. Not sure what it means though, so not very helpful really.

iwantbabies Tue 15-May-12 20:55:28

Hi ladies, may I join too? I've was diagnosed with PCOS recently and like many of you I barely have any periods. Last cycle was 10 months long! I've been off the pill since Oct 2010 and have had about 3 periods since. Started low GI diet, reflexology and gentle exercise in Jan and had AF in March. I've been charting temps for a few weeks and they have been low. However, on Fri I got a positive OPK (tested because I saw EWCM over a couple of days) followed by a fairly significant temp spike 2 days later. It's stayed high since but I've been waking during the night a lot (not getting out of bed..opening eyes and falling back asleep). I'm thinking I may have ov'd on Sat. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm scared to get my hopes up. I have 1st appt at fertility clinic on Thurs...I'm worried they'll tell me to stop being silly!

LittleMissSnowShine Tue 15-May-12 22:33:33

iwantbabies - fx for you!! really hope you did OV

really enjoyed reading everyone's stories - it's hard with the PCOS at the best of times but when you're ttc it really is so tough! i'm hoping GP will think about giving me metformin when I go on friday - i'm in the healthy BMI range but at the v top of it and when I got pg with DS I was about a stone lighter than I am now. But no matter what I do at the min with diet / exercise that last stone will not shift!! And I do think that keeping the weight off really helps your changes of getting pg when you've got pcos, so glad to hear your experience Hetty, hope I can get it from GP and it makes me briefly gorgeous and skinny...and then pg!

fromheretomaternity Tue 15-May-12 22:38:52

I had irregular periods all my life (except when on the pill), then when ttc was diagnosed with PCOS. Was ttc about 18 months. Absolutely convinced that what made the difference in the end was diet: moved to a strict low GI diet, cut out white bread, sweet stuff etc etc entirely, as well as caffeine... periods became more regular and conceived DS1 soon after.

Conceiving DS2 was dead easy after that, somehow the PCOS disappeared after the first pregnancy!

I realise I was very lucky. I'd definitely recommend seeing a nutritionist if you can afford it, as it's tough to make that big a change to the diet without encouragement. I saw 'The Nutritionist' in north London, she is fab.

Jodidi Tue 15-May-12 23:29:05

LittleMiss I was told I was not heavy enough for metformin when I was diagnosed, and my bmi was 29.5 (overweight bordering on obese), so you may well be told you are not heavy enough. It probably depends on your doctor though.

Iwantbabies Hope you really did ov. I'm sure they won't tell you to stop being so silly, that's hardly professional is it? I think with the changes you've made it sounds reasonable to me that you could have ov'd. I hope you had lots and lots of sex around the time you thought you were oving.

fromhere I found it much easier to concieve after having been pregnant already too. In fact I had a surprise pregnancy which I had never thought would be possible after the trials of ttc dd2. I think I might stand a reasonable chance again now, but dp is holding out on me sad

HettyTurner Wed 16-May-12 09:25:03

LittleMiss I had a BMI of 27 when I was given met by the consultant first time round, when I went to the GP this time I told him that I wanted it again and what doseage I wanted. He checked my notes and agreed! I think if you are certain of yourself you have more chance of getting what you want. BM! was about 30 this time, and managed to get it to 29. Still need to lose about 1.5 stone to get to about 26 which is where I was when I concieved DD. Must try harder (considering slimming world, did weight watchers before but I keep cheating this time).

Also I started running recently, been 7 weeks and I can run for 25minutes now. I followed the counch to 5 km course from the NHS. It's brilliant! I love getting outside and it's free.

HettyTurner Wed 16-May-12 09:26:40

forgot to say I'm on 2000mg. It needs to be more that 1500mg to be theraputic for PCOS, and I was prescribed 2500mg by the consultant but it upset my digestion too much IYKWIM blush

LittleMissSnowShine Wed 16-May-12 20:46:46

Hmm, I think my BMI is more like 24.5 so she prob won't agree to met but i can ask anyway! I'm just back from zumba, I was going every week for a good while but then we had about 3 weeks off with diff things happening so shattered going back tonight but it's a good feeling!!!

fromheretomaternity - I felt like my pcos def improved after I had DS, after I stopped bf/ing my AFs were actually pretty regular and I was being pretty good with my diet around sep - dec kind of time and i really did feel great. For some reason the erratic, crazy pcos has been back again since early 2012....just when we decided to ttc #2 angry But I agree that diet helped so much with getting things in balance before I got pg so now I'm going to try very hard and get back onto the healthy pcos-fixing diet bandwagon again - i'm being very good and i've completely cut out caffeine, alcohol, white bread and chocolate for the last week or so, i'm taking my vitamins, my agnus castus drops, drinking plenty of water and now back to zumba!!!

It is pricy though buying all the fresh fruit, veg, almond milk, rye bread, vitamins etc...this flippin recession, the inflation and the price of our grocery shop in a normal week makes me feel ill..pass me the wine....oh wait..doh!

MooleyWooleyShamaLamaDingDong Wed 16-May-12 20:57:48

Evening ladies. Reading all your stories has inspired me to get more active and eat better. I'm going to take this PCOS and show it what for.

<slinks off to find running shoes and jogging pants>

ronx Wed 16-May-12 21:05:08

Good luck to you all! TTC when you have PCOS is tough but worth it in the end.

RIBS Thu 17-May-12 13:33:19

Hi Ladies, im on the June thread and littlemiss told me to pop over.

I loved reading your stories. Im also gonna join the "had gross brown discharge stuff" club. I had a 93 day cycle with 2 lots of it, but within a 2 wk period. I think your bits sometimes just give themselves a bit of a clear out.

Ive always had irregular periods, unless on pill obv. But the pill doesnt suit me. Have loads of probs on it. Was finally diagnosed pcos about 10 years ago, because im only slight, they kept telling me I didnt have it, my dr just laughed at me. I had no periods, hairy, shocking skin, really fine hair. Had loads of tests and low and behold big fat ovarian cysts appeared on a scan.

I had a hysteroscopy in 2007, gynae told me I was gonna have trouble conceiving (id been off the pill at that point for a cople of years and had about 4 periods). 6 weeks later PG with DD1. Despite only being with boyf for 3 months, we were both over the moon. Shes my gorgeous little miracle girl.

Went back on pill until December 2010. Have been trying ever since. Im 37, nearly 38 so I just feel that time is slipping away, the longer it goes on the harder it will be. But when your cycles last upto 3m, how the hell can you TTC when you dont know if/when your gonna ovulate!

Got appt to be referred for clomid in Sept last year, on the day of appt got BFP! Only to find MMC at 12 wk scan. Hospital was horrendous, they wouldnt let me have surgical removal until I had medical management. I knew it wouldnt wk - it didnt. I had massive blood loss and ended up in hosp for 2 days on chrismas week, being forced to have 2 lots of med managemt. They finally gave me surgery the day b4 xmas eve! Bastards. <not still bitter, much!>

Finally got back to the Gynae for clomid - im on cd2, on cycle 3 of it. Last month I had 34 day cycle (yippee!!) But im finding I have really long lp of 18 days, anyone else experience this?

Sorry its all about me.

Iwant it does sound like you've defo ov'd. Ive been temping, ov sticking and checking for mucas since Jan. It all sounds good to me.

I do plenty of exercise, largely cos I do eat like a horse and need to burn it off. But ive never really thought about changing my diet. What have you all changed and what difference has it made?

Also whats the agnus cactus all about?

hetty keep up the running, its great exercise and makes you feel so much better. You'll be up for some 10k races before you know it. As the summers coming up (hopefully), get you and DP some bikes and get out and about on a weekend, its lovely, we stick DD on the back. We have to stop for ice creams on the way home tho.

LittleMissSnowShine Thu 17-May-12 19:28:56

Hello RIBS, mate! It's agnus castus lady, not agnus cactus, tho that sure does sound like interesting stuff ha ha It's a super herbal thingy that makes your cycles a bit shorter and it's supposed to stimulate ovulation - don't know whether it'd make the clomid more effective or if Clomid would cancel out the agnus castus tho hmm I take it in tincture form once or when i remember twice a day wink

So there's a few of us on here with super long crazy cycles and baby fever at the minute!! Can't cope with all this dtd EOD stuff ppl are doing, the erratic cycles could mean you'll be dtd EOD for literally months on end and u might not even hav ovulated the whole flippin time!!

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