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Dermoid cyst removal and fertility

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Thinking11 Tue 05-Apr-11 20:50:35

Hi ive been diagnosed with a 7cm dermoid cyst on my ovary and I am going to see a specialist to arrange surgery to remove it. Has anybody else experiences anything similar? I have begun to experience pain and i have been told to stop TTC. Does anybody know how long ill have to wait for the opp or how long after the op i will be able to TTC again?

Has anybody gotten pregnant after such a cyst was removed?

LauraNorder Tue 05-Apr-11 20:54:30

I had one described as the size of a jaffa orange when I was 17. I had it surgically removed. They said they had saved as much of my ovary as they could. I went on to have 3 children with no fertility problems.

Thinking11 Tue 05-Apr-11 21:15:36

Thanks its nice to hear others stories. Do you mind me asking how it was removed? how long did it take to recover?

jules1308 Tue 05-Apr-11 21:22:14

I had my whole ovary due to a removed in July 2010 due to a borderline tumour and my 2nd baby is due in 13 weeks. I had the operation keyhole and it took me about 2 - 3 weeks to completely recover. My consultant assured me that it would have no effect on my fertility, and it looks like he was right! You can start trying as soon as you feel up to it but I would double check that with your consultant. Hope it all goes well.

Thinking11 Tue 05-Apr-11 21:25:05

Thanks so much for your support. Im so nervous about the whole thing, since Ive found out its there its started to really hurt. I dont know if the pain is psychological or not but I definately feel pain, today has been awful!

I just hope I dont have to wait long for the op and that I can begin trying again soon.

Good luck on the arrival of your second baby xx

LauraNorder Tue 05-Apr-11 21:28:20

It was removed through a bikini line incision they've used the same incision for my sections too. Took a few weeks to recover, did better recovering from my sections but this was a fair while ago and I was a precious 17 year old grin

Thinking11 Tue 05-Apr-11 21:31:19

Ive been thinking ill prob have the same opp too as it is quite large. Ive had to wait 2 weeks too see the specialist since the cyst was picked up during a fertility scan. Its seemed like an absolute age and im driving myself mad googling everything, I just want to know now.

Luminary Tue 05-Apr-11 22:08:24

I was diagnosed with a 30cm mucinous cystadenoma a couple of years ago (the size of a watermelon!), and had to have it (and my ovary) removed via mini-laparotomy. I was first told they'd need to slice me from pubic bone to navel, but after looking for a second opinion, I found a surgeon who would try to 'deflate' it before removing it. He was successful, and I only have a 4cm scar now. Still missing an ovary, though.

I did go through IVF after all this, as I'd been trying throughout this whole time to get pregnant (and failing, obviously). BUT, I was told our lack of baby had nothing to do with either the cyst, or lack of ovary. Who knows. We were back TTC 2 weeks after the op, but, in retrospect, that was a really bad idea. It was painful, and had we been successful, I would have needed more time to recover. All told, it took me months to feel back to normal, but I have come to the conclusion that I take a long time to heal, so ymmv. Other people seem to bounce back from these kind of things, so you may just have to see. Best of luck.

Thinking11 Wed 06-Apr-11 19:01:29

Thank you so much for all of your posts. Im getting really nervous now, im due to see the specialist tomorrow and I really hope that they can give me a date for my opp and that it is not too long away. Although looking at my diary I can ill afford to have much time off work in the near future however my health comes first and the sooner I am fixed the sooner I can begin to TTC again.

I am a little worried about recovery time as I will find this differcult due to me not having a partner and me living alone. My family are very supportive but I am very independant and I find accepting help very difficult.

Fingers crossed that the opp with be keyhole and I will be back on my feet in no time.

Luminary Thu 07-Apr-11 11:34:46

I hope I didn't alarm you too much with talk of taking months to recover from a laparotomy. I should have clarified that I was up and walking about within 24 hours, I could climb stairs and make myself a cup of tea within about three days (ie get up and about and look after myself once I was home from hospital), and about 90% recovered within a couple of weeks. I wouldn't have needed much help at home.

What did take a long time was a full recovery (that last 10%). I would over do things (lifting, walking etc) and pay the price with pain later. It was manageable, though, and certainly didn't stop me doing most of the things I wanted.

It it's a keyhole op, you'll be back to normal much more quickly. Probably back to work in a week or two. I was off for 5 with mine (but could have gone back within a couple if I'd really needed).

I know it's worrying, but you will be fine

NervousNerys Fri 08-Apr-11 17:29:19

I had a 10cm dermoid removed, along with the whole ovary, at the age of 23 (now 34). They did it by keyhole and I felt fine pretty quickly. Before that I didn't have loads of pain, but did have shooting pains down my leg into my toe. We'll be ttc soon and I feel horribly nervous about it (I know I have some fibroids too), and I just started a thread on that subject. Everyone told me that my lack of ovary should make no difference, but it still feels bad so the replies on this thread have really cheered me up. Good luck*Thinking11*.

NervousNerys Fri 08-Apr-11 17:34:05

Oh, and since you wanted to know more about the op -- they told me mine couldn't be done by keyhole, but when I woke up that was what they had done. I think it's hard for them to give guarantees because they'll make a decision once they're sure what they're dealing with. I went back to work after a week, which was a bit too soon really, but not absolutely terrible in a desk job. I felt very tired, and the gas they use in laparoscopy gives you achey shoulders. If you do have keyhole (fingers crossed), the wounds are tiny. Let us know how you got on yesterday; I hope it was reassuring.

Thinking11 Sat 09-Apr-11 00:04:29

Hi, thanks again for all of your posts.

I went to the hospital yesterday and they have told me that I need the 7cm cyst removing and I should get my date through next week, it will be within the next 12 weeks. I have to have it removed through an incision along the pubic line, like a c section. They have told me that I will be in hospital 2 or 3 days and that I will need a month off work.

They aim to take just the cyst but there is every chance that they may have to removed the ovary too. They have assured me that this should not effect fertility but I am obviously a little nervous. They have told me that I should be ok to TTC 3 again 3 months after the opp. But i was thinking that is probably for people that are concieving the 'normal way' but I think I may ask if I can start earlier as AI is less 'strenuous' than intercourse.

NervousNerys Mon 11-Apr-11 20:23:41

Good to hear that you have some more concrete news, Thinking11. I'm glad they've given you a realistic window for going back to work, because going back too soon was one of the things which made this hard for me.

They did take my ovary, but they said that it had almost certainly ceased functioning anyway. Somehow that lessened the blow -- I had actually lost it some time ago, if you see what I mean.

I have no idea about the TTC thing, so do ask. I'm not sure it's the rigours of intercourse they're worried about so much as everything settling back down and your wound healing up. I know I felt an odd sense of everything settling back into place after my op. Even though mine was done by keyhole I was very tired afterwards and there was a sense of my body readjusting.

Good luck, I know it's scary.

Thinking11 Mon 11-Apr-11 21:33:26

I'm going crazy waiting for my date, I can't plan anything and im making promises to parents and kids at work that I might not be able to keep. I'm a teacher and kids are expecting to go on day trips and residentials with me but I might not be there.

Im also starting to get a little nervous about the opp, I know it is going to hurt and Im crap when im in pain! I'm also not looking forward to having to move back in with Mum and Dad, I love them to bits but there is nothing like your own bed. I have had to be realistic though, I live on my own and I know I will need help for a couple of days after hospital.

ViolaTricolor Mon 11-Apr-11 23:46:32

sad Sorry things are so anxious. If it helps at all, I don't think there is major pain for most, and the hospital will give you some awesome painkillers. Definitely a good idea to go and stay with people who can help you though.

fledtoscotland Tue 12-Apr-11 09:10:46

I had a 9cm dermoid cyst removed when I was pregnant with DS1. They removed my ovary too but I have since conceived DS2 naturally and am currently TTC#3. I ovulate every month with only a right ovary.

Was in hospital 3 days and off work 16wks (was nursing in the wards so 4months off as directed by occ health)

Luminary Tue 12-Apr-11 13:11:49

Yes, you definitely get good painkillers. There was very little post-op pain for me, so long as I took the painkillers religiously - and take them even if you are feeling better - when the pain comes back, and it will at first if you skip a painkiller, it will be harder to control.

I don't know how clear they were to you about losing an ovary and fertility, but if you do lose the ovary, you will just ovulate every month from the other one, so it really shouldn't affect things if you are ttc naturally or using AI. It may make a difference in IVF (I was concerned about this and certainly didn't get a huge number of eggs), but I was told it wouldn't, so who knows.

And try not to worry about letting people down. Everyone will understand that you have to take care of your health - it's not like you can decide to not have the operation.

Thinking11 Tue 19-Apr-11 22:50:12

Finally, Ive got the date for my opp.

Im in on the 10th May, im getting pretty nervous now. Ive been told that i'll need 4 week off work and then I should be ok to go back. Does anyone think that this is a realistic time frame to go back to work in my busy classroom of 52 reception aged children? I need to let the head know how much supply to organise

ViolaTricolor Tue 19-Apr-11 22:58:01

Hello again Thinking. So glad you have something more definite, and that it's not too long to wait. My op was keyhole so I can't give a view on the 4 weeks, but what I would say is that it's good to try and go back gradually. If you can do half or short days for a few days when you first go back that would be good, but I have no idea how flexible your employers are. 52 reception children sounds shock even if you're in rude health. Could you get extra help from a classroom assistant? That would probably help.

Luminary Wed 20-Apr-11 11:59:59

Hmmm, depends on what you have to do on a day to day basis. Does it involve a lot of standing, bending or lifting? I went back to a desk job after 5 weeks and was fine. I might have been struggling a little if it had involved more standing and moving around, though. How about the commute? That might cause you extra physical stress, too (say, carrying a heavy bag to work on the train).

I think the problem is, you won't really know until you are about 3 weeks post op. You may just have to explain this to your head, and get a little help once you're back. Or get them to accept that you might not be able to specify an exact date of return. Presumably your GP will be able to assess you and sign you off for longer if you need it (this is what happened to me). They really can't expect you to be able to tell you how you'll recover from a major op - you can only give the estimate that your doctors have given you.

Thinking11 Wed 20-Apr-11 15:44:11

The consultant told me 4 weeks off work but my job involves lots of standing, always moving around and only sitting on tiny, low chairs. Im always bending over and have kids running around just at scare height so im a little dubious about being work ready in 4 weeks. My heads understands I wont fully know how long i'll need off but i'd like a better understanding so i know how much planning and prep I need to do.

I am supposed to be on a farm trip the first week back but ive already told the head I wont be doing that, I think that would be a bit tricky first day back.

Getting nervous now and just want it over with so I can start TTC again.

Thinking11 Sat 30-Apr-11 17:44:22

OK getting really nervous now, ive had my pre opp assessment and I'm in on the 10th. Only 10 days to go but then I suppose its only 3 months until I can TTC again.

I felt such a fool at my assessment when I burst into tears, im normally really good at bottling things up until I get home.

ViolaTricolor Mon 02-May-11 11:48:48

sad thinking, did you not have anyone with you? I burst into tears in the car park after my consultant appointment. I know it's hard, but try and look forward to the relief when it's over, and of course to TTC again. Do you have your support network in place for when you come out?

Thinking11 Mon 02-May-11 12:30:53

I went on my own as I prefer to. I tend to hold myself together better when I am on my own, if people are nice to me when I'm upset I just burst into tears.

I have loads of people around me and everyone offered to come to all of my appointments with me. I have given into defeat for my operation day and my Mum is coming with me. I am also going to live with mum and dad for a while when I come out of hospital as even I need to ask for help after this opp. Hopefully it wont be for long though as the thought of too long at my parents house, no matter how much I love them, is becoming very stressfull!

I need to tell all the parents at school tomorrow that I need to have a few weeks off, that should be interesting! Lets see how many nosy questions I'm asked.

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