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Mumsnet competitions - 24th July

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CatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 24-Jul-08 14:40:45

Roll up roll up for your chance to win Nintendo DS games and Brother max goodies.
Details here
Good luck!

bogie Thu 24-Jul-08 15:08:37


Eddas Thu 24-Jul-08 15:24:31


giddykipper Sat 26-Jul-08 10:06:42


wotulookinat Sun 27-Jul-08 14:35:19

ahem just a small point, MNHQ - if your kiddie is old enough for you to add a nursery or school, then you probably don't need the Brother Max goodies hmm

QuintessentialShadows Sun 27-Jul-08 14:43:23

pmsl totally - sorry

I meant to click on the "Mh dh is on me like a rabbit on heat" thread, and saw CathrineMumsnet as the OP ....
blush grin

Will go enter the competition now....

wotulookinat Sun 27-Jul-08 14:48:15

Ha ha QS grin

giddykipper Sun 27-Jul-08 18:10:08

Babies can go to nursery quite young you know

wotulookinat Sun 27-Jul-08 18:24:06

Can they? I'm a bit niaive about things like that - I though they went at 2 and a half or three. Or is that pre-school? I dunno blush

ingles2 Sun 27-Jul-08 21:54:19


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