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What are these pains I'm having??

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AnnVan Mon 15-Sep-08 02:37:55

I am well overdue. Now 40+15. However, for thes last day I've been getting strong pains across the bottom of the bump, which feel like seriously strong period pains, and then move into my back.
I had to go in to the hospital yesterday for monitoring because of being so overdue and refusing induction, and the mw said the pains are nothing, just aggrevation from the sweep they did. Only, it does feel crampy and VERY painful.
What are these pains?? Is it possibly the beginnings of warm up for labour or is that wishful thinking on my part? The mw was one of those who just doesn't listen to you. I know these aren't proper contractions, I just need to know what's happening, and whether this could be a sign that things are FINALLY getting moving?
So desperate and so fed up now. sad

Ready4anotherCoffee Mon 15-Sep-08 03:03:40

is this yoour 1st? tbh all 3 of my labours started like this. try your tens if you are using one, as they do take time to build up, and a glass f wine paracetamol.

sending positive labour vibes

AnnVan Mon 15-Sep-08 04:46:27

Thank you!! Think I will try the TENS as these pains are stopping me from sleeping, so not exactly comfy. But if it means I'm finally getting somewhere then great!

AnnVan Mon 15-Sep-08 04:55:56

Oh, yes, this is my first.

warthog Mon 15-Sep-08 05:15:01

could be the start smile

how long abd far apart are thy or is there no regularity?

AnnVan Mon 15-Sep-08 06:59:31

They aren't incredibly regular - 5-10minutes apart, last 30-40 seconds each time?

justkeepswimming Mon 15-Sep-08 07:18:28

could be....

any closer yet???

AnnVan Mon 15-Sep-08 07:25:50

last two were 7 minutes apart.

justkeepswimming Mon 15-Sep-08 07:27:50

are you using the contraction timer site?

shabster Mon 15-Sep-08 07:29:35

Sounds to me like you are on your way love!! Good luck - keep posting.

Had my fourth (and last) DS when I was almost 41 and I went 20 days overdue!!

How exciting! x

justkeepswimming Mon 15-Sep-08 07:32:49


AnnVan Mon 15-Sep-08 08:11:02

thanks jks.

ajm200 Mon 15-Sep-08 08:31:18

Sounds like how my labour started with DS. How exciting.

Try to rest a bit as you may need your strength in the next day or so. Take the opportunity to practice your relaxation and deep breathing with these early pains. The more you relax and let your body get on with it's work the more efficiently it will all happen. You might be one of the ladies whose contractions aren't very regular at first.

Keep us updated!

Feature Mon 15-Sep-08 08:33:18

Ummm yes <checks title & topic>

You're in labour I would think.

Remeber it can take a few days before the niggle cvramps eruprt in to large pulling/twisting/very sore (baby almost born)cramps.

shabster Mon 15-Sep-08 08:41:35

grin Feature - brilliant description!

Feature Mon 15-Sep-08 08:43:51


The typo errors in the first line kinda threw it I thought! sad

Good luck AnnVan. Will keep a little watch.

AnnVan Mon 15-Sep-08 08:50:12

Aaah - feelssore enough already! eeek.

Feature Mon 15-Sep-08 08:52:07

Oh dear. rock back and forth. Move your pelvis and things. Walk lots. No hot baths.

I shall let lulumama talk to you about stimulating your nipples if needed later.

Feature Mon 15-Sep-08 08:52:44

Paracetamol is fine too btw.

Nice warm bath?

Feature Mon 15-Sep-08 08:53:12

Maybe you shouldn't rock & walk in the bath though.


liahgen Mon 15-Sep-08 08:56:08

definately get your breast pump out and try a bit of nipple stim, try and get some good strong ctx going.

Warm bath and couple paracetamol might give you coule hours respite to get a bit of sleep. How are you?

ataraxis Mon 15-Sep-08 08:57:49

AnnVan sweetie, I was really hoping from your posts yesterday that things would have moved then. But it does sound like this LO is finally on its way. If you have it today you will still have had a shorter pregnancy as I was officially 40+16 (by 37 mins grin).
Absolutely put on the TENS - brilliant things, should really help.
Keep us posted - I am thinking of you. xx

ataraxis Mon 15-Sep-08 08:59:20

BTW, I found baths slowed me up on the first 2 (showers fine) - just personal, but something to be aware of.

AnnVan Mon 15-Sep-08 09:02:31

Hey. Well, I might have a shower, then. I really do need to sleep, but I don't get enough of a break to drop off. Can anyone tell me why I did this??

ajm200 Mon 15-Sep-08 09:12:31

AnnVan you won't question it at all when you hold your LO in your arms and look into their eyes.

You could try downloading a relaxation/meditation/deep breathing track from the internet and listening to it. The relaxation should help to ease the cramps and the deep breathing is good practice for the birth. Also, it should make you sleepy and help you to nod off.

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