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What happens to my belongings during a c-section...

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Paraketamol Fri 18-Jan-19 17:36:09

I’m having a c-section very, very soon and it’s just occurred to me - what happens to my belongings whilst I’m in theatre?
I know I am admitted to one ward - we’ll call it ward 1, walk down to theatre, then go to recovery, then on to post natal ward - ward 2... but that happens to my stuff in the mean time - my clothes, my phone, baby’s things?
Where will it be and how does it get from ward 1 to ward 2?

And the same question for whilst my birth partner is in scrubs - what happens to their stuff too!?

Yep, this minor thing is bothering me so any answers gratefully received!

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ZogTheOrangeDragon Fri 18-Jan-19 17:38:08

For an ELCS, your belongings will probably go into a locker and given to you after your operation. For an EMCS they might well stay in your room in the labour ward and be brought to you in recovery.

ZogTheOrangeDragon Fri 18-Jan-19 17:38:43

But you can take your phone into theatre with you to take those first few pictures.

Oliversmumsarmy Fri 18-Jan-19 17:40:50

Mine were loaded underneath the bed

Greyhound22 Fri 18-Jan-19 18:16:31

You will get a bed first and at our hospital there is a lockable drawer. I wouldn't take anything valuable - your DP can have your phone - leave all your jewellery and stuff at home.

It's a good question actually don't think I thought of that before.

Babypug Fri 18-Jan-19 18:26:06

Of all the things to ask (mind blown)

Paraketamol Fri 18-Jan-19 19:04:46

Thanks all.

Babypug, I’ve never had a stay on a maternity ward before; I’ve always had a bed space assigned to me pre and post o that is the same space. Why shouldn’t I ask the question?

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mynameiscalypso Fri 18-Jan-19 19:10:12

I'm only 9 weeks pregnant but this is exactly the kind of thing that keeps me up at night so thank you for asking!

Babypug Fri 18-Jan-19 19:25:45

Maybe ask your midwife?! I know that's a strange response but they might give you the answer to your burning question or further very important questions

Paraketamol Fri 18-Jan-19 19:30:32

I have no more midwife appointments left, a phone call would waste her time, she is covering a large area at the moment and it didn’t occur to me to think about this stuff until today.
Surely that is the beauty of mumsnet - being able to ask the minor questions?

@mynameiscalypso - I sometimes fixate in the strangest of things, mumsnet has been so reassuring!

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PiratePetespajamas Fri 18-Jan-19 19:30:46

I worried about this. The only valuables we took were phones, which DH took into the theatre - no jewellery that would have had to come off, no kindle, etc. It turns out my concerns were well-founded because we were asked to just leave our belongings in the (double) room where we’d bsen waiting pre-op. Magically, though, they somehow turned up on a trolley shortly after I arrived in Recovery. I had thought perhaps there might be a locker or lockable drawer but I think it’s safest to assume there won’t be and that you might need to leave them unattended somewhere.

JassyRadlett Fri 18-Jan-19 19:34:19

Jesus, babypug, do you think the pregnancy and childbirth threads are really for you, what with at least half the threads being people asking about the experiences of others who have been in the same situation? It seems to wind you up a bit.

sunshineandshowers21 Fri 18-Jan-19 19:34:28

when i had to go in for an emergency section they let my partner put his clothes and wallet and my purse and phone in a staff locker and they moved the rest of my stuff up to recovery for me and just put it by the side of the bed.

whensmynexthol1day Fri 18-Jan-19 19:34:55

In our hospital you could bring a small bag for the time before and during the section which was kept by an assigned bed. Husband kept all valuables on him (kept these to a minimum).
And then when we were settled in post natal dh brought the rest of the stuff for a two day stay which he had left in the car.

femalepresentingnipples Fri 18-Jan-19 19:36:41

It will be different from hospital to hospital. At the hospital where I had my baby for a planned caesarean you are admitted to the labour ward directly in the morning and leave your things by your bed in the recovery bay. There’s a locker in the room where partners get changed for any valuables you want to lock up. Then everything comes with you when you are moved up to the postnatal ward.

If for some reason you’re already on the antenatal ward you would just take down a small changing bag for baby and any valuables you wanted to put in the locker and anything else would be moved by the ward staff if you weren’t coming back to the same room.

PostmanPatIsIncompetent Fri 18-Jan-19 19:38:14

I would add that your birth partner might not be in scrubs - my DP was just in the clothes he came in (the doctor explained it as us not needing to be sterile - sterile area was just those who would be behind the curtain, iyswim). At our hospital for ELCS your stuff is stored in recovery area so you have it as soon as you come out of theatre. They suggested taking valuables into theatre with us so we took a small bag with phones, camera, etc.

And it's not a stupid question at all!! I wish I'd thought to ask in advance! I would in hindsight have taken music as there was a music system there which we didn't know about beforehand.

Babypug Fri 18-Jan-19 19:39:04

hmm seriously ... if you're so worried about it then you'd find out by asking midwife or hospital, or just wait until the day.
What do you think everyone else does?! Probably concentrated on the other important things to focus on.

PostmanPatIsIncompetent Fri 18-Jan-19 19:39:11

Oh yeah and we took in clothes and nappy for baby - sleepsuits and a hat if I remember correctly...

KeyboardKatie Fri 18-Jan-19 19:44:13

OP I can't actually remember so no help, sorry!

But just wanted to say - Babypug R U OK HUN?

Bumblebee39 Fri 18-Jan-19 19:45:31

Not all hospitals have a place to keep things safe. Don't bring more valuables than OH can safely carry. If you drive try to keep as much as you can in the car.

Some hospitals can keep stuff safe, and some have single rooms which can be locked. So it depends a lot on which hospital etc.

Your midwife should know, so if it's worrying you ask them 😊 hopefully they will be able to set your mind at ease.

A padlock for your suitcase would be a good idea too 😊

Oct18mummy Fri 18-Jan-19 19:49:42

I was advised only to have a small bag initially with small amount of stuff for you and baby and anything of high value brought to theatre and left where partner will scrub up. Leave the big bag in boot of car for partner to get once you are settled in final ward. Wish I had known this as would have packed like this rather than one bag for me and one for baby. Husband ended up repacking everything!

costacoffeecup Fri 18-Jan-19 19:54:05

I have one next week and I went to an info evening. They said just bring a small bag with clothes and nappies for baby, drsssing gown and slippers, phone for pictures and leave everything else in the car until after you're settled after the op. Think we will get a room to leave stuff in though.

PlayingForKittens Fri 18-Jan-19 20:00:03

Where I work your stuff gets taken from the assessment unit (Where you prep for your elective) to the postnatal ward office when you go down and then when you come round we bring it to your bay. Your partner would just leave his stuff with yours and his clothes would stay in the changing room he uses to get into scrubs to put back on after.

Littlebelina Fri 18-Jan-19 20:15:43

You should have a preop appointment before you go in so maybe ask then? Our hospital admits you directly to postnatal for elcs so you go back to bay you came from.

I'm a firm believer in there is no such thing as a silly question, only those too silly to ask them. wink

Iwrotethissongfor Fri 18-Jan-19 20:22:56

I had an ELCS in 2017 and this never crossed my mind and I still have no idea what happened with it. I was in private room pre op and in a 4 bay ward post op and we did have my stuff but no idea when or how it arrived. Hospital porters know what here doing. I agree this is a very odd query to me but we’re all different I guess.

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